Feasting Out @ Restaurant Mei Chi Xuan [CLOSED]

    lobster sashimi


    It was raining cats and dogs, and we actually braved the traffic snarl from KL to Kota Damansara because we knew that the dinner hosted by Chef Steven is going to be a reward for all the hassles gone through.

    Double Happiness “Seong Hei Lam Mun” (RM 13 per 100gram) is served in a jiffy because everyone was famished by then. When it came we were pleased with the presentation of the dish: the re-assembled lobster, tail inverted, with the flesh sashimi-ed to be eaten is served on a bed of ice. The translucent chunks are so sweet and crunchy, especially after seconds of boiling in the superior soup. All of us enjoyed it immensely.



    lobster yee mee


    Later in the meal, the head, is served ala braised yee mee style. It was another stunning sensation because the broth is surprisingly sweet and the yee mee is done perfectly, not too soggy and not too hard.


    eight treasure duck

    Eight Treasured Duck (RM 80). According to Chef Steven, the duck is marinated and braised until fork tender, then glazed in its own simmering sauce. A deft cut from the cleaver revealed the outburst of ingredients such as chestnuts, chinese mushrooms, button mushrooms, carrots, chinese sausages, lotus seeds, ginkgo and wood fungus.

    8 treasure duck

    stuffed fish


    Boneless Fish with Meat Paste (RM 18). The chef painstakingly deskins and debones the fish, chopped the flesh into slivers, reassembled the glue-ish slivers and sheets of thin fish skin to the fish head. I’ve tried the same boneless fish at Ah Lit and Banting’s Beggars Chicken place, I think that mei chi xuan’s version flares well.


    fatt choy fishball


    Dried Oyster with Stuffing “Hou See Fatt Choy” (RM 50). Another surprise of the evening. The rich mouth-feel of the sauce with the bouncy fish paste with strains of black moss, slightly gamy oysters is simply divine! It is always startling to discover that dried oyster (hou see) and black moss (fatt choy) is match made in heaven. Hou see is usually spotted whenever fatt choy is around, vice versa.

    salt pepper fish


    Salt and Pepper Fish Baits, Pak Fan Yu (RM 20). Whitebaits dressed in light batter, are deep fried and served over a light seasoning of salt and pepper. It was too bland for my taste bud though, would prefer a heavy seasoning of salt and pepper.


    stir fried potato kylie kwong style

    Fried Potato with XO Sauce (RM 15). Being the carb lover, I enjoyed the texture of crunchy stir fried potatoes and the flavor of the XO sauce.

    pumpkin tofu


    Pumpkin with Tofu “Wong Gum Moon Ngok” (RM 20) is definitely something light to end the day. The golden-brown concoction of pumpkin goes well with their home made silky smooth tofu.


    japanese cotton soft cheesecake

    Dear bulging tummy, I’m so sorry, the tofu is not the end yet! It was very thoughtful of BBO to bring us some Lychee and Chestnut Light Cheese Cake, and I just can’t say NO to desserts. Please allow me some space, will ya?




    And so, the night ends with a beautiful rendition of birthday song for Christine and some sharing session with Chef Steven.

    What makes the menu so interesting is the way the new dishes all emphasize texture and the contextually auspicious name. When is better then, to have the auspicious food for Chinese New Year? Do make a reservation in advance for the Chinese New Year menu.

    Restaurant Mei Chi Xuan
    No. 32A1, Jalan 5/10,
    PJU 5 Dataran Sunway,
    Kota Damansara,
    47810 Petaling Jaya,

    Tel: 03-61416122
    H/P: 016-2783089 (Steven)

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