Wai Sek Gai @ SS2

    Food Bloggers have the occasional another no-idea-where-to-eat-moment that strikes in too. While we drove around PJ area, we were moved by a dispute over where to go again.

    “Food court with multiple vendors and plenty of choice would be the option.”
    ” But which food court is it?”
    “Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park Food Court and Pudu Wai Sik Gai?”
    “Against the economic principal to travel such a great distance for dinner lar”
    “Asia Cafe SS15?”
    “A great place for sight seeing, plenty of hot college girls, but we dressed sloppily!”
    “Ming Tien Taman Megah”
    “Not Again?? “
    “SS2 wai sek gai!!” We yelled concurrently and agreed on that finally.

    A war has just been stopped from breaking out. Pheeew! That was so close!


    No more day counting to be back in Thailand to savour the real thing because there is this stall no.25, selling authentic Thai food and runned by two beautiful Thai women.



    Our plate of som tam (RM 6), heavily dosed with garlic and chilis looks dangerous. The great colour combination of shredded unripe green papaya, green beans, tomatoes, slices of octopus and dry-roasted crushed peanuts make it looks more palatable. The spiciness is just intolerable; with every bite, I got hotter that my tongue went numb and my lips tingled. However, we enjoyed every single bite of it.


    A long queue was seen infront of stall no. 78, Baba Nasi Lemak. Somehow, kiasuness and curiosity is evoked that we joined the queue! They have a very interesting selections of Malay/Baba Nyonya style chap fan (economic rice) with dishes such as sambal petai, assam prawn, curry stingray and telur sambal.


    The dishes, with the greasy and delicious gravy, paired fairly well with the rice. Two thumbs up to the chicken rendang; the chicken pieces is tender while the gravy is great to be poured over rice. Total damage? RM 8, not your usual chap fan price but it is fairly reasonable.


    Grilled Fish (RM15)

    We should have taken heed not to overindulge because our tummy is rebelling and rejecting against the fiery hot goodies the next day…


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