Once Upon A Feast @ New Formosa Restaurant SS2

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    I knew that it would be another night of feasting when Jeannie Lee, the lady owner of New Formosa Restaurant rang me up. I knew it! I knew it! I shouldn’t have gone and brought home a bulging stomach and tonnes of calories that even one week of work out could not shed it away. Yet I could not resist the temptation; the sight of their signature dessert caramel coated yam and puddings keep popping up on my mind. I definitely have a love-hate relationship with New Formosa.


    Simmered Winter Melon [RM45 (for 5 to 6 persons), RM90 (for 10 to 11 persons)]. I’ve never been fans of savory winter melon stew but their version has definitely won my heart. I had bowls after bowls of the soft inner flesh and flavorful soup base with nourishing ingredients such as dried baby scallops, chinese mushrooms, diced chicken, fish maw and gingko nuts.



    Taiwanese Hakka Pineapple Intestine (RM14.50). I will certainly surrender in whipping out an intestine dish because involves a lengthy and messy process of cleaning. The chef has done a very good job because not even a hint of smell was caught when we mouth it down. The intestines were not too soft nor too chewy and the sourish taste of the gravy was awesome!



    Sesame Prawns (RM26). The succulent prawns beneath the light crispy batter are really fresh. Deep fried anything is a weakness of mine because you can’t really go wrong with golden-brown crispy outer layer anyway.



    The Taiwanese Traditional Steamed Crab Rice (RM 34 or RM68 (depending on the size of serving). The multi-grain rice (white, red and black unpolished rice) never tasted this good. It has absorbed all the goodness from crab and cooked al-dente. The aromatic flavor of dried shrimps, pumpkins and mushroom is really tempting too.



    Crispy Chestnuts Duck with Three Colour Pickles (RM28 for half bird). Very special preparation of duck but the duck meat is a tad too dry for my liking and the accompanying gravy is too heavy.


    Taiwanese Braised Belly Meat & Dried Beancurd (RM 16). A sinful dish with three layers belly meat, dried fried bean curd, pumpkin or sweet potato and a salty concoction of five spices powder, chili sauce, bean paste and chinese wine. Unfortunately I don’t really fancy the pungent and pronounced ordour of chinese bean paste.


    Sizzling Salmon with Taiwanese Salted Cabbage (RM6 per 50 grams). East meet west in this fusion dish of sizzling salmon. The wonder salted cabbage really compliments the salmon’s delicate flavor that KampungBoy kept ranting and raving about it everyone!!


    Taiwanese Special Red Mee Sua Broth (RM 9), a dish that Jeannie promised us months ago. After much anticipation, it never disappoints. The mee sua and other accompanying ingredients are brought in from Taiwan. Instead of oysters, Bonito (katsuo) fish was used. Ingredients include shrimps, shredded pork, carrot, chinese mushrooms and chinese cabbage gave an expensive taste to it.



    Special Silky Bean Curd with Shredded Black Wood Ears, Shredded Pork with Salted Fish (RM12). Delicious! The smooth and silky home made bean curd was topped with abundance of shredded wood fungus, pork and yummy bits of salted fish.


    For two hours in the restaurant itself, the feasting went on. It was typical of Jeannie’s generosity that she insisted on serving the desserts even though we kept showing her the gesture of NONONONO (inside the heart we were yelling YES PLEASE).Sour Plum Juice was served after the mains to cleanse our palate.

    I love eating these glutinous balls called muachi with they freshly grounded peanuts. The famous Caramel Coated Yam with crunchy layers of malt caramel is heavenly! Lastly, the puddings are served in a tantalizing variety of flavors such as Green Tea Aloe Vera, Mango, Custard Caramel and Honey Herbal.




    Lastly, some adorable looking cupcakes from BBO, we were really stuff but there’s still some space though. Food Bloggers…



    It was yet another night of dining Rich People style on food fit for the King. Thanks to Jeannie for hosting such a great dinner. I can still feel the food jingling and rumbling in my tummy……

    New Formosa Restaurant
    46, Jalan SS2/24,
    47300 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor D.E.
    Tel: 03-7875 1894 / 019-3353 274
    Email: formosa@streamyx.com
    Opens daily: 12pm-2.30pm / 6pm-11pm

    In conjunction with New Formosa Restaurant’s 28th Anniversary, a promotional menu was offered with a 10% discounts of food on every Saturday and Sunday, 5 % discount for payment via credit card and free corkage. (valied until 31st January 2008)

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