Nyonya Colors @ One Utama


    Nyonya Colors is the place to go whenever we are hankering for some Nyonya food affairs. Nyonya food is actually the marriage between Malay cuisines and Chinese cuisines, so a lot of ingredients are used and the preparation is just tedious which is hard to be replicated at home. So it makes more sense to dine out rather than cooking it, at least this is the thought of a lazy people like me.


    Take a look at the endless array of multi-coloured and layered Nyonya Kueh. It is truly a heaven for someone with a sweet tooth like me.

    Anyway, who can resist luscious creamy coconut milk and sweet aromatic palm sugar paired with rice or glutinous rice?




    They have taken some effort to create a cozy and lay back settings with these colourful wooden benches and tables.


    Cucuk Udang (RM 1.70 per stick of 3 pcs). Cucur udang also known as traditional prawn fritters, is the combination of bean sprouts, spring onion, prawns and flour.It was crispy and light, but the shrimp is almost non-existence.


    The aromatic, spicy and tangy gravy soup is served with oodles of rice vermicelli and topped with a fresh garnishing of onion, pineapple, mint leaves and fresh chilies. The curry broth has a subtle but distinct flavour and the ricer vermicelli is fine enough too.


    From Top: Tapioca Banana (RM0.80 per pcs), Talam Keladi (RM0.90 per pcs), Sweet Potatoes aka Three Sisters (RM0.80 per pcs). The bite sized kueh is really good that Nyonya Colors has become the default place for tea whenever we are around One Utama. We have to fight our ways through sometimes, when the crowd is big during weekends.

    Nyonya Colors
    F66, First Floor, Old Wing
    1 Utama Shopping Centre
    Bandar Utama
    WebSite: http://www.littlecravings.com/


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