KampungboyCitygal is Two Years Old


On the 30th of December 2005, tiny slices of Keropok Lekor has ignited our intention to star a food blog and this is why KampungboyCitygal was borned. It is a typical real life example of how little things can make a big difference.

Food Blogging has gave us a lot of surprises and changed our perception towards food. We used to think that food is just some lifeless combination of carbo, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals that releases energy through the process of digestion. Well, something like that lar, I read it somewhere.

All in all, we were grateful that we have manage to go this far (2 years / 24 months/ 730 days) because I have not always been a persistent person. From today onwards, we’ll be here (http://kampungboycitygal.com). So update your link people!!

Kampungboycitygal's Billboard

Happy New Year and Happy Feasting People!!

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  1. Simon Seow says:

    Congratulation on your 2 year old blog and on getting your own domain.


  2. Christine says:

    Love your new home!
    Very cute and nice layout!
    Good Job KampungBoy! ;P

    Happy 2 years anniversary to KampungBoyCityGal! Keep on eating! Yay!


  3. tonixe says:

    congratulations ! you look 17 1/2 but he looks 2 yrs young !

    happy new year !


  4. Jee says:

    It has been a fun year reading your blog. Congrats on the anniversary, and congrats on the new domain.


  5. Congratulations! We love your blog so much, well done, keep churning more makan-makan reviews!

    Congratulations on moving to your own new website!!!


  6. Christine says:

    and not to forget the credits by citygal as well…! Rock on gal ;)


  7. Jason says:

    Very creative header! :D


  8. sc says:

    happy 2nd anniversary to the sweetest blogging couple! may there be many delicious posts in the years to come :)


  9. simon: thankiu berry much!! have a great hol ya

    christine: yaya kgboy spent a lot of time and energy and sweat and blog for this..imagine an accounting guy doin these..

    tonixe: haha thx for the ‘compliments’

    jee: thxxxx..i love ur site..a lot of interesting stuff

    bbo: haha time to make a move..feel so old in the blogsphere

    christine: thxx..i din do much though

    jason: credits to kgboy

    sc: yeah we’ll make sure tat we’ll eat more stuff..haha


  10. boo_licious says:

    Happy Blog Birthday! Cool that u have yr own URL!


  11. Nic (KHKL) says:

    congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!…your blog is always a fun read…keep ‘em coming, ya!


  12. ekeng says:

    hey…Happy Birthday and Happy New Year…Congratulation for moving to your new home..the header are so cute…love it :)


  13. Jun says:

    congrats to u both for having this new site!! when’s the “site-warming”? ;p it was nice meeting u citygal, tho it’s a pity i din get to say hi to ur other half. r ur eyes better now?

    anyway, have a blessed new yr u both!!


  14. xiulongbao says:

    fooiyoh, now promoted to have ur own domain! Congrats n have a great year ahead ;)


  15. jason says:

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! KampungBoyCityGal sure takes another step further ahead :)


  16. ai wei says:

    congratulation and happy new year!!!


  17. rokh says:

    happy birthday to your blog, and have more yummy posts please. by the way, the interview is up at http://www.thamjiak.blogspot.com/, right time to spread this lovely new home! :)


  18. thankiuuuu everyone!! will keep the good food coming in :)


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