Hung Kee Wanton Mee @ Jalan Loke Yew

    Having heard so much about the best wantan meen place at Loke Yew, but we have yet to been there. One fine day when everyone is not too famished, KampungBoy and his ex-colleagues braved the traffic to Hung Kee located along Jalan Loke Yew . It was started in 1965 by the Phoon family as a small shoplot but business is so good that it has been expanded to two air conditioned shoplots now.


    Everyone’s patience is tested to the limit as it is almost impossible to get a proper parking space and you have to actually wait for a table on a weekday lunch hour. We do hope that the food will actually make the hassles that we have been through all worth while.


    The thin strands of wantan meen are hand-made. Everyone loves the springy texture of the noodles tossed in dark coloured soya sauce. Each servings of wantan meen come in a big bowl of wantans. Other than the obligatory glistening and sticky sweet char siu (bbq pork), you can opt for other side dishes such as siu yoke ( roasted pork), roasted duck, siu kow and braised chicken feet mushroom too. The char siu and siu yoke is not as good as expected though but Hung Kee is still a decent place for a good plate of wantan meen.


    Hung Kee
    28-5 and 28-6, Jalan Loke Yew
    Kuala Lumpur
    (Non Halal. Open from 7 am to 10 pm daily)

    Location Map curi-ed from EatinOut


    • ~Christine~Leng says:

      oh. I love wantan mee with char siew and siew yoke! 🙂

    • ai wei says:

      yes, believe me, their wanton mee voted best!
      they have another outlet in cheras shamelin perkasa too. i frequent that outlet cz near to my place.
      i wanted to post about it too… but, but, but… there was a FLY in my soup (in one of my pic) n i dare not write that post…
      mayb next time i will write bout it on my another visit lar. hehe

    • Big Boys Oven says:

      this place sounds good some more hand made wanton noodle, must be best!

    • Bernsy says:

      totally agree with you about what you said about the texture of their noodles being springy and all. Don’t know why, but not many places actually have noodles that feel like that in your mouth….

    • teckiee says:

      ohh thanks for the map. when it comes to KL’s road… i am lost for all the names

    • Kenny says:

      the char siew look kinda dark and dry (not juicy)… but da siew yok do look yummy^^

    • daphne says:

      hmm..there is a roast shop with the same name in Perth but I doubt they are related.. Regardless, that plate of siew yoke made me drool!

    • MamaBoK says:

      I’ll eat the wanton meen anything.. just not the siew yoke.

    • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

      the roast duck is quite decent as well..but i thought the char siu was quite good and since its a short ride from my place, it was worth going for..

    • team bsg says:

      disppointed ah wait soooooooo loooooooo then only so so ah ? hahaha bet you can make a better one…

    • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

      I like the wantan mee here. The siew yoke isn’t great though. There’s something about the noodles that makes it really tasty.

    • MeiyeN says:

      slurpy… i have been so hooked to “wantan mee” lately!!! thanks for introducing this place, gal 😉

    • Jason says:

      I remember I saw this place when I pass by before but don’t know they serve good wantan mee. Thanks for sharing!

    • Keropok Man says:

      oh the roast pork is making me drool. haha…

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      christine: yeah its like the ultimate combo

      ai wei: u shud blog about the fly incident girl , to pose a warning to them..

      bbo: yeah its reli good hehe

      bernsy: wantan mee has to be springy rite..hate those soggy one

      teckiee: im having the same prob as u LOL

      kenny: you are rite!! u can even tell the taste from pictures..bravo

      daphne: i dun think so..hahaha..coincident?

      mamabok: i love to eat it with chicken feet too

      joe: lucky u !! its so far from my place

      team bsg: i do hope that i can make a better one LOL

      lemongrass: i have to agree with u girl..can i just order plain noodls

      meiyen: ur welcome..yeah ur recent post is wantan mee too hehe

      jason: no problem..give it a try

      keropok man: haha guys could not resist siu yok

    • CCLiew says:

      this shop the food is nice, bcos of the good quality hand make wantan mee, i knew the person who hand make the wantan mee :p

    • chan says:

      Don’t ever patronize Heng Kee, the wanton noodle is extremely expensive. It’s a cheat to consumers. Let’s Boycott,

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