Easy Apple Crumble Recipe for Christmas



    What does Christmas smell like to you? Mint? Candies? Nutmeg? For me, the sweet smell of Christmas would be cinnamon. The smell that tempts my senses and reminds me that Christmas is just around the corner when I’m nibbling on my aunt’s home baked fruit cakes during my younger days.

    To bring up my fond memories and relieving all the Christmases that I’ve had, I’m going to bake a fruit cake! Lo an behold, did I just mean a dense fruit cake filled with pre-soaked fruits in rum, brandy or other liquor that is deeplu spiced and full of surprise? I’m pulling back my words, an easy and yummy apple crumble sprinkled with lots of cinnamon will do.


    The crumb topping is wonderfully light and muesli added an extra bit of delicious texture and crunch to this heartwarming dessert. I smell Christmas with the cinnamon scent in the air, the delicious smell is tempting my senses. It tasted divine when it is still fresh from the oven or even better when it is chilled. Serve it with maple syrups and a scoop or two of ice cream.

    8 apples, peeled, washed and sliced
    3 tbsp of brown sugar
    2 tbsp of cinnamon

    1 cup of raisin (soaked in rum, if you prefer)

    2 cups of natural muesli
    2 cups of flour
    125 gram of butter
    2 tbsp of brown sugar

    Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C). Cook the apple over slow fire until it turns soft. In a large mixing bowl, stir in brown sugar, cinnamon and raisin and cooked apple. Pour the mixture in an 8” baking dish.

    In a large mixing bowl, combine crumble ingredients other than butter. Rub in the butter into the mixture using your fingers or two knives to mix thoroughly. Sprinkle the crumbles over the apples. Bake 30 to 40 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°C.


    If you are expecting guests, pouring some soft state ice cream into Ikea’s ice cube tray overnight and voila – you get some cute little heart shaped ice creams. For hygenic purpose, store the tray in a zipper freeze bag. Alternatively, serve them in either white-wine glasses or tall champagne glasses.


    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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