Uncle Cheng Beef Noodles @ Seksyen 17



    Uncle Cheng beef noodles needs no further introduction as it has been numerous time by our fellow food bloggers. Lured by the positive reviews, KampungBoy, being the beef fanatic dropped by.
    It is easy to understand why this place has gained popularity in such a short time. Having made its name around its selection of beef, Julian has successfully inaugurated a refreshing novelty concept for the locals that is so easy to love. You must be wondering why is a young chap like Julian is known as Uncle? Uncle Cheng is actually Julian’s dad where he inherited the cooking skill from.

    Beef Noodles (RM 6). The dried version of beef noodles is different from the famous Ngau Kee and Sin Kee where it is top with preserved vegetable, peanuts and sesame seeds instead of minced beef sauce. Only lai fun is available at Uncle Cheng’s stall. True to it’s fame, the beef slices is tender and delicious while the beef ball is bouncy and beefy.


    Beef Tenderloin (RM 8). This cut is about as good as it gets. Julian is extra careful with the cooking hour because the beef cut will turn hard and chewy when it is overcooked. The broth is so delicious that KampungBoy where he slurped the soup till the last drop.



    Dried Beef Slices (extra order = RM 2.50). The extra order of dried beef slices that come with our order of beef noodles turns out to be very flavourful and delicious too.


    It is a food blogger friendly place. The owner, Julian showed KampungBoy the sweet mung bean dessert, a TeoChew specialty but he was too full for that. Maybe next time?



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