Sri Nirvana Maju @ Jalan Telawi

    Time to break away from the mundane Chinese food and indulge on some burning or hot sensation Indian cuisine without burning a hole in our pocket. So here we are at Sri Nirvana Maju on a Sunday noon, parking is hell at Jalan Telawi even though there were ample of parking inside bangsar village where they charge by HOURS.


    Very often that we get some soggy and overcooked magi goreng at mamak stalls but their version of Maggi Goreng (RM 4) is cooked to perfection as the noodles are al dente with the right amount of spiciness and ingredients.


    Some drinks to sooth the erupting spiciness along your tongue – Teh Ice and Air Kosong


    For something more substantial, we opted for the banana leaf rice meal (RM 5.50). Rice and vegetables are a prominent feature where white rice is served on a Yele Sapede (banana leaf) with an assortment of vegetables, pickles, a selection of curry dishes such as Rice Meen Curry (Fish Curry), Koli Curry (Chicken Curry), Dhal (Boiled Lentils)and papadum (Indian Crackers).


    During the first visit here with my ex-colleagues, we had the deep fried calamari (RM 18). Lightly seasoned and deep fried to golden brown, it comes with some curry leaves, dried chillies and onion. A squeeze of lime would give it the extra oommpphh.


    Chicken Masala (RM 4) is a westernized Indian dish based on baked chicken chunks (chicken tikka) cooked in a curry sauce. It was very well marinated and flavourful but the chicken chunks are a tad too dry.


    Lamb curry (RM 5). Tender pieces of boneless lamb are served in a thick and rich curry concoction. Two thumbs up to the tender chunks and rich curry but it is not something for those who can’t even stomach the smell of lamb meat because the smell is quite heavy.


    Sambal Egg (RM 1.50 each)


    Another banana leaf rice place that we will definitely drop by again, if only parking is a breeze (sigh).

    Restaurant Sri Nirvana Maju
    No. 43, Jalan Orkid 2B,
    Sec BS2, Bukit Sentosa,
    48300 Rawang, Selangor.
    Tel: 03-6028 3526

    No. 43, Jalan Telawi 3,
    Bangsar Baru,
    59100 Kuala Lumpur.
    Tel: 03-22878445


    • lovie says:

      They look so tempting. I’m super duper hungry now. I want I want. T_T

    • team bsg says:

      wa this place damn hot for sexy hot rice errrrr we mean girls sorry ! many varieties old and young also got. Food quite good also. nex time park near the swimming pool, then u can take a slow walk !

    • wenching & esiong says:

      Hi, nice meeting you guys on Friday! This place looks good especially the deep fried calamari. But Rawang is a little far from KL.

    • ~Christine~Leng says:


      yea.. getting a parking space in bangsar is problematic! we went circling around the other day for parkings 🙁

    • Big Boys Oven says:

      so deliciously temoted. Wow! woderful! Thanks for invited us to New Farmosa, it was really a fantastic dinner!

    • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

      wah damn expensive wor..brickfields standard only RM3.50 for all you can eat vege banana leaf..

      but must say dis is 1 of the well known 1s..

    • daphne says:

      heh..u mean there are places in KL where parking is easy? ;p

      that looks like it will hit a good spot!

    • MeiyeN says:

      rm 1.50 for da sambal egg? quite expensive huh.. but sometimes it’s worth to pay for it since they are yummy! 😀

    • Christy says:

      One word…SPICY!! Hehe…:D
      Ooo..somehow, the Teh ais looked pinkish to me…almost thought it was Ice-blended strawberry or something:p

    • mama bok says:

      Love the banana leaf meal..!! and so cheap..! so envy..! so tempting..!!

    • ai wei says:

      i think i need some fried calamari and maggi goreng next..

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      lovie: haha maybe u can go n bug the bf? he wont reject u rite

      team bsg: hahah got hot girls ar? cant see any..swimming pool is too far lar

      wenching & esiong: hie there nice to meet u guys too..maybe u can go to the bangsar outlet?

      christine: haha yeah n the parking around there is freaking expensive

      bbo: no probem haha glad tat u guys enjoy

      joe: haha rm 2 of difference!! yeah they are reli famous

      daphne: haha true indeed, the most stressful part of my daily life

      meiyen: yeah everything is slightly more expensive at ‘bangsar’

      christy: haha some colour effect?

      mamabok: haha add this to ur ‘to eat’ list maybe?

      aiwei: hoho so sorry to make u hungry

    • Tirath says:

      Sri Nirwana Maju
      Address: 43, Jalan Telawi 3,
      Bangsar Baru, 59100 KL.

      I would like to say that the food there is so-so.. however, I had a very bad experience over there last friday whereby my friend and I were discriminated being Malaysians.. we went over for lunch, and as usual, it was crowded, especially outside, and we waited for a table as we were dying of hunger, as one of the tables opened in front of their neighbouring shop, which was occupied by some white foreigners was about to be cleared.. as soon as they were done, we had a seat there, and we were ignored for some time, and when we called to the waiter, he practically shooed us and told us he has to close the table, and when we refused to get up, he told us to speak to his boss.. so here comes the boss to prove how good the service there is.. us being hoteliers, customer service is a very important factor when dining, and nirwana maju proved not to have any.. an indian lady came over to our table, the so called boss, and she spoke to us in a very rude manner, a very harsh tone and with no courtesy, just telling us that to move away from that table, and they have to close it, and we don’t understand how bad her neighbour is who won’t let her open the table there.. I then asked her one simple question, if you are not allowed to do so, then why is the table here?? she kept on arguing, and claimed that the table was for a the previous guest, they requested for it, which was exactly what i was doing too.. so, we malaysians were discriminated clear cut.. ain’t that bad? we thereafter told how of how rude she was and never to repeat the same with another customer, but she kept arguing.. she could’ve chosen a nicer manner to tell us, but she chose not to, with not a single apology after what we told her, very politely.. so, we have decided to boycot the restaurant despite the not-so-nice food, which we feel can be obtainable elsewhere, with excellent service to, unlike what we got there… as a conclusion, i would not suggest those who are particular with a good dining experience with good service to dine there, and i thought of it as necessary to share my experience with all my friends so that they won’t face the same thing i did..

    • Beruntung Man says:


      You might want to take note that their Bukit Sentosa outlet has long closed.

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