MBA Holder Sells Cha Siu @ Famous Seremban Favourites Restaurant


    The quest for the best char siu in town brough us to the vicinity of Sunway Mas Commercial Centre where it is better known as the place where a MBA holder sells char siu.




    Slices of shiny glazing char siu is served with a plate of sweet sauce instead of drenched or drizzled with these sweet gravy. We requested for “bun fei sao” (half lean half fat) for our virgin famous seremban favourites char siu encounter. It is sweet but not sickening sweet, plump and the melt in your mouth texture helped by the rings of fat within it.

    Lean meat were ordered on the second visit, even the leanest pieces are tender and delicious with the perfect amount of carmelized crust. I can boldly acclaim it as the best pieces of Char Siu I ever had in my life.


    Their version of Siu Yoke (roasted pork) with golden brown bubbly crispy skin and tender meat is perfectly alright but still the grace of the holy char siu has totally outshine it.


    We can’t savour on the char siu alone without some staples (we wish to do so but were so timid in front of the name of ‘fats’, ‘calories’ and ‘cholesterol’) so stripes of flat long noodles topped with generous amount of minced pork and spring onions comes. It is a lighter version of Hakka Mee, unlike the Ipoh version laden with dark soy sauce and sesame oil.



    No salicylic acid is added to the nice and springy fish ball to increase its palatability, so feel safe to indulge! No complains on the pork balls too, thinly shredded dried cuttlefish is added in to enhance the flavour.

    However, the wantons’ filling of savoury minced meat and shrimp were a bit bland in taste and the pastry wrappers were too thick. The fried dumplings and Yao Yee Mai Fun (Cuttlefish Rice Vermicelli) are pretty tasty too.

    The humble little place has a wide variety of food and good services, but the killer is still the char siu. Food is served without much of waiting despite the crazy lunch hour crowd. We have been frequenting the place ever since, but have never bump into the char siu slut, wmw and sexy beast. Let’s go together-gether next time OK?

    Restoran Famous Seremban Favourites (Map courtesy of the char siu slut)

    Address: 80-1, Grd Flr, Jalan PJU 1/3B,
    SunwayMas Commercial Centre,
    47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Telephone: 017-2798582 (Bill Khoon)
    Operating Hours/Days: 7:30am – 4:30pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
    Char Siu starts selling from 10.30 am


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