Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong @ Gunung Rapat Ipoh


    Yong tao fu, literally means tofu stuffed with fish paste or pork paste. Nowadays, the term is widely applied to variety of stuffed vegetables or deep fried bean curds. The best yong tao fu that I’ve ever eaten comes from Kwong Hong @ Gunung Rapat, Ipoh.


    There’s always a line of people waiting to put in their orders during lunch hours. The waiter will jotted down your order of noodles and the yong tao fu are then cooked briefly in boiling water to be served either in broth as soup or in a separate bowl for the deep fried goodies.




    What I like about the place?

    1. Spoilt for Choice
    The normal variations that we always come across are oddments such as eggplants, shiitake mushrooms, bitter guard and lady’s fingers. However, it seems like Kwong Hong has the ability to stuffed every single type of vegetables with the fish paste, i.e. abalone mushroom, broccoli, capsicum, kangkung, and even seaweed.

    2. Out of the World Fish Paste
    The fish paste is 100% hand made with the core ingredient of Mince fish and seasoning such as salt, pepper, water and tapioca flour. Stir in one direction to get a sticky paste with a springy texture. You need to take handfuls of the fish paste and throw it against the sides of the bowl till the paste becomes springy. How they distinguish themselves from the rest? The secret would be the addition of some dried shredded squid that enhance the flavour of the fish paste. It involves a lot of hard work.

    3. Heavenly Noodles

    The dried tossed version is splashed with a generous portion of sesame oil and deep fried shallots, so aromatic and delicious. My ultimate favourite would be the curry broth served with stalks of paku while the famous assam laksa is only available during the weekend.

    4. Sweet Treat

    The same family run the whole shop; including the drinks and tong suis. Cincau served in a bowl, red bean tong sui, green bean tong fui, barley bean curd tong sui are selling like hot cake.

    Ipoh Mali and Klites who happen to be around Ipoh, do drop by Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong. For gluttons who are coming from KL, exit at Simpang Pulai toll, turn right at the traffic light, go straight all the way until you spotted a 24 hour Mcdonalds, make a U turn and turn left at the traffic light to enter into the main street of Gunung Rapat. Kedai Kopi Kwong Hong is located on your right hand side.


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