Dong Dong Ju – Korean Rice Wine


    Insa-dong is the place to shop for Korean traditional goods. The streets are full of Korea’s historical artifacts, and the alleys are filled with Korean restaurants and traditional teahouses, galleries, antique shops, and more. We were brought by the Korean girls to this little traditional bar at Insa-dong for some Dong Dong Ju drinking experiences.



    One of the things I love and will miss tremendously about eating in Korea is that the entire table will be completely covered with dishes of food once you sit down.




    Three large gourd filled with Dong-dong is served right away. We were required to dip our cups into the communal bowl. Bear in mind that when somebody offers to fill your glass, hold it up with your right hand and place your left hand lightly under it.

    Way to go for Dong Dong Ju! The 7% abv Dong Dong Ju has a creamy mouthfeel, a touch of sour taste with little alcohol burn.


    Mun Lin, Yi Quen, Su Yen, Han Seum, Shang Hee


    Eun Ji, Na Hee, Me, Lee Ping, Hyo Ju

    Albeit the abv (alcohol by volume),of a mere 7 %, one can easily get drunk after 10 to 12 shots, just like him! He ended up lying his face down on some bench at the very happening Insa-dong and threw up eventually.




    “we don’t know him, seriously!”


    tourists who wish to take a picture with drunkard

    I guess the next day’s after effects were well worth the memories.


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