CoDo @ Mid Valley Megamall


Codo is truly a hidden gem at Mid Valley Megamall. It is situated above Little Vietnam at the cinema floor and apparently both Vietnamese restaurants are under the same management with different menu and approach.





As for the ambiance, it is very quaint and humble. The tables and chairs of Asian decor are separated, giving it a very exotic and private dining experiences.


Set A (RM 35++ Free Ice Lemon Tea/Soya Bean)

Vietnamese Siu Mai


Chicken Meat Steamed Rice Wrapper Roll


Lemongrass Fish Stick


Clam Rice


Prawn Clear Soup Hu Tieu

Set B (RM 35++ Free Ice Lemon Tea/Soya Bean)


Lotus Root Pancake


Vietnamese Spring Roll


Dragonfruit Salad


Tomato Fried Rice


Chicken or Beef Ball Soup Hu TieuSet C (RM 35++ Free Ice Lemon Tea/Soya Bean)


Grilled Eggplant Skewer


Golden Lychee Chicken Ball


Steamed Wrapper Roll


Spicy Hue Beef Slice Soup Hu Tieu
Spring Onion Fried Rice (No Picture)


Authentic Vietnamese Cold Vermicelli Grill Set (RM 35++)


Chargrilled Lamb Set (RM18++)


Village Chicken Set (RM18++)


Lemongrass Beef/Chicken Hot Pot Set (RM 15++)


Chargrilled Beef Set (RM 18++)

The dim sums are really good and delicate but the portion are smaller than usual. The fried rice are too wet and bland without any additions while the soup based noodles are fairly good. Overall, we would recommend CoDo for its friendliness and great services, and the food is beautifully prepared.

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  1. wmw says:

    I loved this place, I blogged about it quite some time back. About time, I pay this place a visit again :o )


  2. jason says:

    I like the food here especially the clam rice. Maybe shall try the lemongrass beef next time.


  3. "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    looks like they have a lot of set dinners..introducing a variety as compared to the noodles downstairs?


  4. ~Christine~Leng says:

    everything looks good! ;P I have yet to visit this place…
    Too many places in my mind.. hehe


  5. Nic (KHKL) says:

    so much food! interesting food too. yeah, i agree the portions look small, but very well presented :)


  6. Big Boys Oven says:

    Wah so many food….wish I can taste some of yours ….kekekekkekek… end month no money, lol!


  7. Xiu Long Bao says:

    hmm…the nice presentation of the food in bamboo container lures me to pay it a visit.


  8. Bernsy says:

    yeah, I like the food here too, the ambiance and stuff. Really a nice place to chit chat , and enjoy the food.

    Question – did you guys eat all those stuff all by yourself ? lol…


  9. teckiee says:

    ahhh we need more post like this. more pics, and show n sweet summary for the food.


  10. daphne says:

    gosh. I like the deco-it gives a very cozy and warm feeling! The set for RM$35 is really reasonable too.


  11. ai wei says:

    sets look good. they are all well-presented.i have yet to visit this place. haihz… i m so out-dated…


  12. MamaBoK says:

    Good stuff..!


  13. Cokeworld Citizen says:

    oooo…it seems difficult to find a really good authentic vietnamese restaurant.

    Used to have a place selling vietnamese food in Penang. Pretty good but too bad, its closed down…


  14. kennis says:

    good intro, i’ll get a try:D


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