O&S Restaurant @ Paramount Garden


    Breakfast and Sleep are rare luxuries of life once we step into the working life. We always face upon the dilemma of sleep for a longer time or to take breakfast during the weekends.

    I would always take the liberty to decide on waking up earlier just for a simple breakfast at some Chinese style kopitiam permeating with the pleasing aroma of kopi-O and kaya toast. Kesian the sleep-deprived KampungBoy! O&S is one of the places that we fell in love instantly, thanks to the bride-to-be, MeiYen with her numerous positive reviews on this place.


    The self service yong to fu stall is always pack to the brim and they are doing brisk business. All the time, I would try to squeeze myself through to the front, and with the varieties like fresh tofu and vegetables like eggplant, long red chilies and okra, I would pick a little bit of everything into my plate.


    These stuffed goodies are fresh and yummy, but they still fail to beat the hidden gem yong to fu place at Gunung Rapat Ipoh. At least that is what both of us think.


    The prawn noodles have all the essential elements that make it taste good, flavourful broth, springy noodles and fresh prawns. We just need to take a break from the RM 20 prawn noodles, can’t afford to have it all the time.


    During our first visit here, we were sitted beside an old couple because getting a table all by yourself is almost impossible. They are real chatterbox and they told us that they never fail to come here every Sunday morning, rain or shine just for the curry noodles. As simple as it appear, the curry noodles are nothing fancy but really delicious.

    Another favourite staple food to be ordered is the Penang style chee cheong fun dressed with plenty of prawn paste, fried shallots and sesames. It is on par to the real chee cheong fun from the Pearl of The Orient that we forgot to snap a picture of it.

    Restoran Paramount Garden
    55 Jalan 21/12
    Paramount Garden
    46300 Petaling Jaya

    Tel No: 03 – 7873 5703


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