Red Ginger @ Mid Valley North Point [CLOSED]


    One of the perks of being a food blogger is that I get to feast a lot and the drawbacks is that I have to feast a lot as shown by my ever expanding waistline. Kampungboy, I need a slimming belt too (hinting). Recently, Tim from 3-meals has organized a food sampling at Red Ginger for us floggers, courtesy of Elizabeth, the charming and friendly restaurant owner. Greatest gratitude from our huge and mushy stomach!





    Starters: From Top Left to Bottom Right

    The briny brown sauce from the rojak buah (RM 7.80) has the right balance of sweet, sour and spicy taste. The hae kor and belacan smell is not overly pungent. A generous amount of crushed groundnuts are sprinkled all over the cut fruits.

    We were served with Kasturi Pamelo Special (RM7.50), my mouth was busy muncing on the pamelo pulp and nata de coco and sipping on the kasturi juice.

    The pamelo salad (RM 8.80) with ground peanut and shredded coconut is a very refreshing starter. They actually take the trouble to remove the juicy luscious sacs of the pulp. It was so juicy and sweet with very nice aroma.

    Succulents rolls of minced chicken wrapped in crispy bean curd skin are served with cili for dipping. Albeit not as good as the pork version, I will definitely recommend my Muslim friends who wish to savor on some chicken lor bak (RM8.90).

    My favourite dish of the day – Elizabeth’s Grandma’s recipe otak otak (RM9.50) . She use mashed dory fillets instead of the traditional red snapper or mackerel but the texture is surprisingly good. Anything cooked in banana leaf taste divide because the aroma is injected into the food. I love the spiciness that comes from the herbs/spices and I love the combination of otak otak and toast even more.

    Yao Char Kwai (RM5.50) is actually a fish cake dish with powerful flavor and interesting texture.


    It’s turn for the filling goods. The elastic and slightly chewy Hor Fun are somewhat slippery, just like Ipoh Hor Fun (RM 13.80) from Ipoh. It is so palatable that Ipoh Mali Jason and I took a second serving.


    The liberal use of santan contributes to the rich and creamy condiments of this Laksa Lemak (RM11.80). It is just adding to my guiltiness. I prefer my curry noodles to be spicy; maybe a serving of sambal at the side would be better, so that we can add in accordingly to our own preference.


    We were served Kam Heong Fried Koay Teow (RM13.90) with fat juicy shrimps, fish cake, bean sprouts, eggs, minus those sinful croutons of pork lard. The slightly charred Koay Teow is very aromatic but I find the fish cake too salty for my liking.


    Dry Curry Sang Har Noodles (RM23.90). Big, fresh and succulent prawns were served on a bed of curry gravy coated noodles. Sang Har Meen is usually sold at a hiked up price around KL area. You can get an affordable version over here, but without the eggy sauce.


    Red Ginger Fried Rice (RM14.90). A signature dish of theirs, the crispy salted fish and raisins is a wonderful combination that makes it sweet and savory at the same time. The fried rice turns out to be addictive! The yolk is sloshing around in the white, I’m so tempted to poke the egg yolk and let it dripped out of its bag, to the yummy looking fried rice. That is what I do usually, but since I’m sharing this with everyone else, my itchy hands stopped on command from the central (brain).


    Black Pepper Beef (RM17.00). The stir fry beef slices is tender, a coarser flesh texture will not yield as tender and juicy beef dish. Capsicum and pepper were added in to make the dish looks more colourful and appealing.


    The Steamed Chicken with Wine and Salt + Rice (RM18.00) has a very light Chinese herb fragrant, not those choking medicine smells at sinseh place. The dashes of Chinese wine give it an aromatic appeal. It is best to be eaten with plain ol’ white rice because having the chicken alone is salty. Is it good? Our chicken king Daryl and Jackson gave their thumbs up.


    We still have space to guzzle these melt in your mouth macaroons from Big Boys Oven after all the food. Gluttons always have an extra room for dessert in their stomach, a 10 GB out of 80 GB just like our hard disc.


    A leopard will never change its strips, same goes to food blogger who possess a very strong will power to combat that hunger – snap first, eat later. The professionalism is in our blood *ahem*

    The perks of being a food blog reader? You are entitled to 15% discount and free dessert. Not too bad huh?

    Redginger (Mid Valley)
    Block A, Mezzanine Floor,
    Northpoint Offices Mid Valley City, KL
    Tel: 03-2287 0890

    Redginger (Plaza Damansara)
    Medan Setia 2,
    Plaza Damansara Bukit Damansara, KL
    Tel: 03-2095 3118


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