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    *GASPED* A very back dated post of Father’s Day Celebration. I just got the pictures from my sister. So people, please bear with me! J

    I just have to post this because it is one of the best dinners that I’ve ever had (this year). Apart from Sun Lee How Fook and Tung Hoi, Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant is another favourite restaurant of my family, we are often delighted to attend wedding, birthday and anniversary celebrations held here. They were known for whipping up the best fresh water prawn dish in Ipoh.

    Mixed Vege with Macadamis Nuts that makes me go nuts. Vegetables such as snow peas, asparagus, lotus roots, lily bulbs, ginkgo, and deep fried macadamia nuts are stir fry in a smoky soy garlic. My mum say it gives eating green the devious way because my sisters has never enjoy her vege so much.

    Stuffed myself silly Tofu. Each piece of tofu is gently stuffed with as much fish paste and dried cuttlefish. I could not resist soy based sauce and aromatic garlic oil, I drizzle the sauce over my rice and a sense of satisfaction took me over. The soft and silky tofu paired with the bouncy texture of fish paste is simply amazing too!

    Ole Ole Prawn Balls Cup. lightly floured and fried until crisp and served with a dressing of mayonnaise. The prawn is so fresh that it is bouncing in my mouth, and the natural sweetness The natural sweetness of the prawn ball is enhanced by the dressing and cubes of fresh fruits.

    Limelight Seekers Sweet and Sour Crabs. Its not the normal ketchup like sweet ands sour sauce with streaks of egg and onions. It is a different version of tangy delicious sweet and sour sauce, ah I’m running out of words to describe the taste for you readers. On top of being sweet and sour, this dish had a kick of spices as a result of the chillies they put in the dish. We happily mop off the sauce with these cute shell shaped mantaos. The enormous crab bursts with roe and the flesh is firm. Heinously sinful with cholesterol, I swap most of the roes to protect my parents against the clogging of arteries.

    Trying to be humorous, I made up those name of the dishes. The real limelight seekers whould be my CUTE and ADORABLE pa and ma. Total bill comes about RM 150 which dad footed the bill himself, for a celebration just for him. I’m still living under their roof and shelter ma, but I’m so going to buy my parents a proper dinner when I get my first pay.

    Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant Reviews.
    57-65 Jalan Verasamy Ipoh (Malaysia)
    +60 (5) 2419348.


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