Keropok Sengit

    Keropok Sengit!

    My homeland, Terengganu comprises of seven districts: Setiu, Kemaman, Dungun, Marang, Hulu Terengganu and Kuala Terengganu. 90% of the population on this state are Malays and the reminder share among the Chinese, Indians and aborigines. It is not surprise to see a heavy Malay influence on Terengganu’s delicacies.

    Keropok sengit, please. Sengit = Satu Ringgit whereby Terengganuan pronounce it as such. These are some of the unfamiliar local pronunciation that is peculiar to the West Coast people. Other than the infamous Kak Yah keropok lekor, this is a place which serves mouth watering keropok – Mak Long Keropok.


    Mak Long, has been running the business with the help of her family members at the same spot for more than two decades.

    The place seems dodgy, with the old heavy gage galvanized zinc rooftop and wooden beams. It is always the case where you can get nice food at such hidden gem.


    Though rapid development and modernization slowly adapts to the way of life, Mak Long still adapts the traditional way of cooking before the advent of electricity– wood. Why would she take in so much of trouble? According to Mak Long, gas cooked food can not match the flavor imparted on the food from a real wood fire. Wood fire can maintain a low enough temperature for proper slow cooking.



    Soft drink in glass bottle is so old school !


    Long style of stir fry mi (mee kasar) and stir fry rice vermicelli (mee halus). The noodles are selling like hot cakes, it disappear within seconds from the big tray.

    Mak Long’s homemade cili padi. The darker colour concoction is more to the sweeter side and the light colour one is some tongue burning hot and spicy cili padi dippings.


    It costs you RM0.60 for the smaller portion and RM1.00 and large portion, a value for money isn’t it? My all time favourite would be “Campur”, a mixture of mi and rice vermicelli with shredded cucumber served as a side dish. The taste is just divine; in fact it is beyond description.


    Keropok Goreng is a snack made from fish ground with sago and salt before it is steam and later deep fried. It is best to be eaten with the chili dip. It is crispy on the outside but soft, warm and aromatic inside, sort of like a baguette. Guess what, it costs only RM 0.10 per piece, so RM10.00 can serves up to 100 pieces of keropoks and surprisingly my friend managed to finish it all by self. It is a great place to have a little chat and chew on the fresh Keropok Lekor.

    Mak Long's Map

    I took the effort to compose a map that shows the direction towards Mak Long’s Keropok, a traditional Malaysian snack food composed of fish and flour.

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