Boat House @ TTDI


    September must be the peak birth month, where we are having a hive of birthday celebrations for the September babies every Friday/Saturday since the first week of September. Let’s start with divide celebration of Kelvin’s and Poh’s!

    Nestled in the heart of Taman Tun, this cosy little hideaway functions as a quiet neighborhood restaurant. A very low keyed, family/friends owned quaint and cosy dining experience that offer an extensive menu, ranging from Western delicacies to Local delights.



    I love the way they staged the table, the dinnerware match the harmonious purple-red color scheme very well. Very gorgeous indeed!






    Cempedak Chicken (RM9.90). After deseed, the cempedak flesh is stuffed with some seasoned chicken cube and coated in batter to be deep fried. The sweet orange-yellow coloured pulp coupled with the salty chicken cubes is an acquired taste, some of us like it so much but some just shoved it off.


    The Grilled Chicken Chop (RM 19.80) with a mushroom sauce glaze and a side of roasted potatoes is lightly dusted with herbs. The chicken is tender, juicy and well marinated.


    Kampungboy had the Oven Roasted Rack of Lamb (RM 39.80, the lamb is seared, and encrusted with garlic and sweet herb crust and served over a bed of seasonal vegetables The pinkish –read meat is succulent, delicious and done to a turn. The de-boned lamb is a pleasure to eat but only complain is that the serving is too insignificant.


    Kelvin’s Carbonara (RM 23.90) is sinfully rich, egg, cream, butter, parmesan cheese all in one smooth creamy concoction. It is a pleasure for the first few bite, but eventually it becomes too heavy for his taste.


    Piccata Chicken (RM 27.80) is made of simple ingredients such as butterflied chicken, capers, lemons and white wine but Chow find his plate of chicken disastrous because they over laden It with aubergines, zucchinis, shredded cheese, mushroom slices and frozen mixed vegetables. To make thing worst, the chicken is deep fried instead of pan fried.


    Blue Cheese Scallops Poppy Seed Fettucine (RM 28.90). The blue cheese sauce is not pungent and empowering at all, in fact it was a bit bland in taste. Maybe they use a well-balanced, approachable blue instead of the pungent blue? Poppy seed is something different, it makes a terrific contrast for texture and appearance.


    The Tenderloin Steak in Red Wine (RM 45.80). The tenderloin is very thick, but not to say extremely tender and juicy. The birthday boy would be more delightful if he was given with a bigger serving. Nevertheless, this was a truly delicious meal served with some balsamic-sautéed greens and boiled potatoes.


    ML’s Fish and Chips in classic English beer batter (RM 23.80). It is served in a classic and simple way, fish fillets dipped in an ale batter and deep-fried with a side of fried potatoes and malt vinegar, nothing fancy and nothing extra.


    Drunken Prawns with Emperor Noodles (RM 13.90). Served in a clay pot, the succulent juicy prawns are lapped up with delicious Chinese wine soup and the oodles of emperor noodles remains springy even though it soak up the wonderful savory soup. Something that my mum taught me, a fool proof cooking trick for Chinese food is to add a dash of Chinese wine into your cookings. It will never fail to amaze your guest/loved one.


    My order of Spaghetti Mee Mamak (RM 13.90) comes in a to-die-for aroma.
    The additives and taste imparting ingredients penetrate into the glistening noodles and they are very generous with the seafood as you can see from the picture. Pure bliss.


    Good Ol’ Friends

    The Shy Camera Man



    Some cake cutting session and the occasional ole booze session at our place after the dinner. We spent the evening talk incessantly and gossiping. Life is all about good booze, good friends and good food!

    BoatHouse Restaurant
    16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14

    Taman Tun Dr Ismail
    60000 Kuala Lumpur
    Tel : 03-7727 4426

    Opening Hours:
    Mon to Fri – 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 12am, Sat – 12pm to 4pm, 6pm to 1 am, Sunday Closed.


    • Jackson says:

      ooohh… the food presentation look good but too bad the taste was not a good one..

    • boo_licious says:

      I’ve tried the Poppy Seeds pasta before and it was so salty. The burger was much better – juicy and succulent. They do this promo on Tuesdays – eat a main meal and you get a pasta for RM1. Portion of the pasta is of course smaller than the normal size served but still a good deal to sample their food.

    • Big Boys Oven says:

      ooohhh…is that our cake? ^(^(*%@#^#….lol! 🙂

    • daphne says:

      hmm..cempedek chicken. that will be interesting to try. the portion looks reasonable though.. too bad it wasnt as good as it look like!

    • ~Christine~Leng says:

      great celebration… and the environment looks good. generous servings 🙂
      eh? secret recipe’s cake? hehe…

    • Tummythoz says:

      That cempedak chicken sounds intriguing. But I am a nangka fan..

    • jason says:

      Nice ambience and decors. Well, it’s ok lah since it’s a happy celebration afterall 🙂

    • God of Food's says:

      food presentation not bad, nice deco…

    • wmw says:

      I like the drunken prawn noodles too…but I ask for a chicken version instead!

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      jackson: haha actually the lamb, spaghetti mee mamak and drunken prawn chicken is nice

      boolicious: haha salty? my fren version is tasteless..whoa the pasta promotion sounds great

      bbo: no la..haha the bday boy wants an expresso cheesecake but since it was sold off we bought him a marble cheese cake

      daphne: it varies across individuals actually, some of us like it though!

      christine: haha paiseh, last minute only tot of buying cake, din order from BBO

      tummythoz: maybe u will like it then :p

      joe: haha so tired of using the same words so y not? hehe he happily slurp down my spaghetti

      jason: yeah lor hehehe will go back for the nice dishes

      god of food: yeah nice place to hang out

      wmw: yea hor, u dun take prawns :p

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