Williams @ Taman Mayang Jaya, PJ

    During my exam period, I always have an overwhelming urge to crunch that only chips and to wipe that peanut butter generously on my toasted bread when I’m really stressed out. When both chips and peanut butter went out, I would gone utterly crazy and KampungBoy would drive me to the nearby (Dengkil) mamak stall. There must be some marvelous substance in roti canai and nasi lemak in reducing anxiety and calming stress.

    Now that I’m in the ‘fraid not, exam!’ stage, I often dream of the scene of mamak, flooded with hundreds of people from all races that speaks different language are slurping on the tarik and chowing down the maggi goreng. We are uniquely Malaysian. Mamak is still the place to head when we crave for comfort food.

    There is often an indian flavour to mamak food but it is now infused with both eastern and western influence. In William’s, You can savour in various kind of food, from roti canai, maggi goreng, murtabak, nasi lemak to lo shu fan, wantan mee, soft shell crab fried rice, seafood risotto, meat ball pasta, etc. The crowd is crazy but our food arrive shortly after the order is taken.

    The jumbo size longan ribena (RM6). It was utterly sweet for my liking in my previous visit here so I opt for a normal teh ice. Wonder if anyone can finish it all alone, imagine half can of longan, syrup and ribena come in a huge pint glass.


    Nasi lemak (RM 2.5). The nasi lemak is huge too for the price that we are paying. The rice was hot, fragrant and the sambal was spicy enough for my liking. Overall it is a decent plate of nasi lemak.


    Pandan chicken (RM 5). My most inticipating dish, as boolicious raved about this in her review. However, it was a total rip off. The serving staff just wrap two pieces of fried chicken with a pandan leaf and secure with a toothpick. I can’t taste coconut milk, spices and the sweet, unique flavour from pandan leaves at all. They should inform us that the pandan chicken is NA beforehand so that we can try other food item.

    White Sauce Spaghetti (RM 15). The portion is huge too, the al dente spaghetti is laden and the cheese based white sauce, which is actually can of creamy mushroom soup. Albeit inauthentic as a mamak style pasta dish, my friend enjoyed this tremendously.

    Another signature of theirs, stir fried lo shu fan (rat tail noodles). Again, it was huge that my friend is having a hard time to finish it off. This version of the Loh Shi Fun is a dry version and being cooked in light and dark brown soy sauce. It is a somewhat delicious bowl of noodles even though the taste of dark soy sauce is a bit strong.


    Triple H (RM 7). The sandwich comes in a layer of three, ham and cheese, chicken chunks, ham and cheese. The outer layer is coated with beaten egg to be pan fried. Not sinful enough? Swipe a layer of Thousand Island dressing over your sandwich. Melting cheese and ham never fail to amaze my tastebud. You will go mmmmmmmmmmmmm just like me.

    Even though we came across some disappointing dish, but the extensive menu selection for dinner and supper will lures us back like the sweet siren it is. William’s is near to the old Lim Kok Weng College, looked through all the wooden shacks along Jalan SS26/9, and you can easily spot William’s with the crazy crowd.


    • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

      hehe. i can finish the whole mug of ribena longan, don’t pray pray u know…!!

    • mama bok says:

      I’m gonna try making my own ribena.. and longan..!! i so love the color..!! and the nasi lemak.. looked so fluffy..!!

    • Jackson says:

      1st time i heard of ribena longan!!! must b good since i love longan and ribena must usually hv it seperately! Nowadays mamak also sell white sauce pasta… impressive!

    • Precious Pea says:

      The food serving at this place is so huge yet so cheap. But like you said, some of the dishes I tried was not good. But certainly I will go and try the nasi lemak.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      lemongrass: whoa..salute~!! its too sweet for my liking..few sips n im done

      mamabok: hahaha just rmb not to overdone with the sweetness..but its a reli refreshing drink

      jackson: lets go to william’s!!

      pea: yeah..some r reli good..but some is just awful..im tempted to try the nasi goreng ketam hehe

    • xiu long bao says:

      wow…all those fatty laden food! Interesting, i dun really feel like eating during exam period, lose so much weight(how nice!). N i look exactly like a ghost.With smoky eyes, messy hair and exhausted look. The power of law exam…:I

    • MeiyeN says:

      ooo… looks like too much of white sauce for da spaghetti? by da way, i wanna come here asap!!!!

    • jason says:

      How do we live without mamak stalls? 😀

    • wmw says:

      Wanna try pasta here…

    • the team says:

      with a setting like this , finally the backStreetGluttons can join all you fine diners at the same table ! at last…

    • boo_licious says:

      I don’t mind the food here but my gripe is I never know what to order as they’re not very communicative abt their specials. Been ages since I ate here.

    • Kenny Choo says:

      Haha did you guys know that William is actually the brother of the owner of SS2 Murni. That’s y u can get almost the same food there.

    • teckiee says:

      wahh i miss the triple H …. and blue cheese pasta … dont know they still have it there or not.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      xiu long bao: im the opposite of urs, fat laden food would calm me down..or else i’ll be scratchign my head n pulling my hair

      meiyen: yeah its whole can of campbell mushroom soup..so fattening

      jason: hehe..true..how do i..how do i..ever survive?????

      wmw: yeah u can go anytime..so near

      team bsg: lol..u can join me anything..i seldom go for posh/fancy restaurant

      boo: hahaha yeah..when i asked for the menu, they can actually memorise everyhing ..

      kenny choo: yeah i heard about that too hehe..

      tekkie: whoa..blue cheese pasta pun ada..high end cuisine

    • jasmine says:

      i have been meaning to try the triple h since i heard of it but still no chance ler…

      not too excited about their soft shell crab fried rice which i tried the first time i visited.

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      jasmine: haha..its sinfully guilty..u must try it b4 u go back

    • .:[SaimatkonG]:. says:


      The food is delicious. If you don’t mind, I shared your review @ food review community. Keep the good work.
      You could post a review here with a link back to your blog too. The more food , the better. =)


    • Alison says:

      William’s seem to be the talk of every food blogger. Reading it I was curious enough to try it out. But sad to say it wont be somewhere I would go again if I had a choice.

      Its a very different mamak. No doubt this place has so much food variety you can probably eat something different everyday for a month. But the pricing of the food is a little extreme when it comes to western dishes. So I think if you come all the way here to eat some western food you would be dissapointed. Or maybe its just the food we ordered. Taste was average. I have definately tasted better pastas elsewhere.

      For the price you pay for your pasta you wouldnt want to be sitting on plastic chairs and tables set on the road. You are actually sitting on the road! you wouldnt want to see cats waiting under your table or running by your leg for food scraps.

      Two dishes and a large ribena longan came to RM50. Im sure I can find a better set environment and food for this price. And the mussels i had were not fresh I didnt even eat them. Food portions are generous but what is the point if it doesnt tingle your tastebuds? And being a 1st timer there the waiters were not that helpful in reccomending. Well with such a long list of food the least they could come up with is a written menu.

      The only thing that was nice there was the ribena longan.Nevertheless paying RM50 at a mamak is ridiculous. Well at least i think so.

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