Sup Pedas Ayam Kampung @ Sri Kembangan


    The big day had come, my heart is racing and my adrenaline-addled brain is screaming “NO, it’s not your convocation YET!” I almost forget that my convocation will be year 2008 because of one extra semester of industrial training. I’ll be very bitter thinking that convocation is not that wonderful after all; imagine thousands of names being read out, and how many hands our president will have to shake and not to forget the thousands of student dresses in identical caps and gowns. Despite the sour grape, I have to say that the afternoon’s convocation was wonderful.




    To Victor, Yichang, Carrine, Rachel, Kah Yee, Arina, Suat Ling, Rachelle, and all graduates of year 2007, you guys can firmly state that you have toil and strive throughout the journey by the sweat of your brows,. Your families are extremely proud of you. With a degree for sail, I wish you guys all the best. * Some pictures are courtesy of Yichang*


    The whole picture taking process was fun, although many find smiling hectic as the muscle tension around mouth and jaw after some time. We were famished by the time we left our campus and adjourn to the famous sup pedas ayam kampong at Sri Kembangan. I hope that none of us is squeamish about innards, because they wouldn’t know what they have missed.

    We were lucky to secure a table at the air conditioned room. The thirty quenching sour plum lime juice with an extra kick prepare us for the aromatic, fiery and almost searing heat soup.


    Our plate of green is delightful too; the lightly cooked lettuce is glistening with oil and sprinkled with caramelize fried shallots.


    Fa Diu Gai (Chinese Wine Chicken RM 7 per head). Served in a clay pot, the tender chicken chunks were coated with a slightly sweet and sticky sauce, plus a welcoming hint of wine. The dark coloured sauce goes well with plain o’l white rice.


    The Lat Tong (Spicy Soup RM 7 per head) comes with chunks of chicken, pork, intestines, liver, preserved vegetables, ginger slices and the fiery white pepper was use liberally. The soup may be deceiving, looking all clear minus the fiery red colour, as it glides down my throat; my whole body is warmed up in a jiffy. I felt a horrible thirsty sensation soon after, which makes me wonder the culprit is MSG or the spiciness of pepper?

    I found the food deteriorates compared to my first visit but this restaurant still comes highly recommended for their simmering spicy soup by everyone who goes there. Mind you that getting here was hectic when you are not familiar with Sri Kembangan area; I’ll post up a map for your convenience soon.

    D-1, Jalan 10/3,
    43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.
    Tel : 012 – 350 9900
    Business hour:
    9:30am – 3:00pm
    5:30pm – 9:00pm (Close on Monday)


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