Mei Chi Xuan @ Kota Damansara [CLOSED]

    Diary of the boyfriend-less and camera-less girl

    Day 3 of boyfriend-less and camera-less Rainy Day

    Dear diary,

    I feel like asking for a day off so that I can be miserable by myself. Good food makes me happy, but to make thing worst he brought along the camera, I just “nahhh” at the idea of dining out because I couldn’t eat properly without a camera. It is a really bad habit that we stick to fast food or mamak without camera. I’m sure that those floggers out there are the same; it is a professional habit (zik yip beng) that is hard to stop.

    I’m so glad that Jason invited me to Mei Chi Xuan for seafood tasting organized by Sid from Big Boys Oven. I sought after a dining-kaki replacement frantically until this gentleman with crooked eye appear. You saved my ugly boring random life, Daryl. Not to forget one-day-boyfriendless Xiu Long Bao, together we hitched a ride on Daryl’s turbo jet car.

    Crunchy bamboo roll, with the star ingredient bamboo shoots. It is actually the tender young growth of bamboo and is used in numerous Asian dishes. Layers of fish paste, carrots and the crispy young shoots give different textures and beautiful colour coordination.
    Tofu with snow pea and enoki mushroom. It is a simple dish but yet it is so hard to be replicated at home. The key is a right consistency of gravy and subtle amount of seasoning.
    Coconut curry prawn. According to Mr Chef, the secret behind the aromatic and smooth curry is coconut water instead of plain water is use to cook the curry dish. Thick coconut milk and mix in until a thick, smooth curry base is form. We must have rice, it just popped up on my head when I’m savouring the curry gravy with my bowl of rice. Not to forget the succulent and juicy prawns served on a coconut, it just makes me go coco – NUTS!
    Lala in Superior Soup aka Siong Tong Lala with ginger shreds and rice wine. The rice wine came from Mr. Chef’s mum.
    Thai style pork knuckle has to be the star dish of the night. I see the ugliest side of human natures, we tear the loose chunk of meat off the bone of our prey and chew it just like the big cats, I feel like a carnivorous. ROAR! I’m a bit exaggerating, but man, you’ll feel like a lion in front of this melted on the mouth fats, tender on the flesh and crispy on the skin pork knuckle. The pork knuckle tastes so good to be eaten on its own, so we never realized that it is meant to be dipped into the thai cili sauce which we thought that it was another dish on its own. LOL

    Snowy mountain flying fox is actually whole fish baked in salt. The salt enhances the flavor of fish, and cracking open the hardened salt casing has a dramatic effect at the table. The salt is not used for seasoning, it’s part of the cooking method. In the process of baking, the salt layer becomes a pottery, resulting in a dry and crispy skin outside while the fish remain juicy and fresh. A mixture of ginger, cili padi and garlic paste fill up inside the fish.
    Mei Chi Xuan is having a crab promotion of RM 20 per kg. It is a really good deal isn’t it? We had two varieties of crabs – Kam Heong and Salted Egg Yolk. I prefer the latter style; the crabs are coated in a sinfully creamy concoction of salted egg yolk and fresh milk (“sang nai”).

    The finale of any perfect dinner is an equally perfect dessert. We had the honour the sample tiramisu freshly baked from Big Boy Oven. The tiramisu has subtle balance of espresso, cheese, cream and cookie. Special thanks to Mr. Chef for such scrumptious dinner and Sid from Big Boys Oven or organizing this. I can’t probably forget about Mr. Sexy Beast for loaning me the pictures and the ride home. I’m in love with Mr. Sexy Beast……’s prosumer Lumix.


    Flash this to the serving staff upon ordering. Our total bill comes to RM 195 for 12 pax, if you order exactly the same dishes with 15% discount, you need to pay for RM 166 only, which is RM 14 for each person. A RM 14 dinner with crabs, prawns, pork knuckle, fish, etc. Amazing isnt it?


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