Lim Mee Yoke Prawn Noodles @ SS2

Another lovely Sunday morning. We tried not to wake up late on Sunday just for the breakkie. My idea of perfect breakkie is not toast, sausage, bacon and omelette. I always crave for a hot bowl of noodles, it is the perfect breakfast, nourishing, flavourful and not too heavy.

Kampungboy looking radiant in his stripe polo tea and khakis came to me, together we hop into the car and zoom for a lovely Sunday breakfast at Lim Mee Yoke, SS2.



Oodles of yellow noodles, topped with kangkong and prawns, topped with crispy shallots are lapped up with a delicious prawn-stock soup. You can request for extra sambal for the kick. Unlike the prawn noodles that we found at other places, the broth is well flavoured and has a right amount of consistency. Fighting the temperature to gulp it down, Kampungboy sipped the soup till the last drop.


There’s nothing to shout about my bowl of pork noodles. It comes with sliced pork, intestines, liver and minced pork. I like the preserved chinese vegetables in my broth, but I prefer my broth to be more peppery.


The renowned Tong Kee Brother’s egg tart. The tiny little egg tart looks so good and tastes good too. The flaky crust, the eggy, creamy and slightly sweet custard makes it a delicious egg tart.


There’s a deep fried crullers (yao char kuay) stall in front of Lim Mee Yoke. The crowd awaiting is crazy, we have to place our order first and collect them in 20 minutes time. Alum and sodium carbonate are traditionally added to the dough, for crispness and lightness. It is best to be eaten fresh because eventually it will lose its crispiness when it is cold. YCK is multi functional, the perfect match for soy milk, porridge, kopi O (my favourite, dip and crunch!), it can be stuffed with various fish and prawn paste too.



Selling at RM 0.70 each, the deep fried devil is crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. The ham chim beng has red bean paste filling, lotus seed paste filling or glutinous rice filling. Our favourite has to be the plain one, it is sprinkled with nam yu (fermented read bean curd) powder for some additional light flavour.

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  • boo_licious says:

    Ah, Mee Yoke is always a good idea for brekkie. I didn’t know Tong Kee sold egg tarts here, always thought it was only at Section 17. Must check that out. Thxs for the tip.

  • Jackson says:

    oo…i love ya char guey with hot coffee for breakfast!!! *drool drool*

  • Anonymous says:

    Hold on a while, the yck stall is not run by the indian folks.

  • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

    yao char guey..missing it..but i only love it wrapped in chee cheong fun.. = char leung!

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    jackson: too..such a perfect breakfast

    anonymous: ops really? can u plz update me?

  • the team says:

    this prawn mee guy is a joker , always gets our ordes mixed up. prawm mee with lor mee ! did u try the CCF guy , we think he is da best

  • wmw says:

    That’s my favourite stall for the deep fried stuff…I love the red bean ham chim pang!

  • Tummythoz says:

    Oh, I can have good Mee Yoke for b’fast, lunch, tea, dinner & supper! Everyday. =P

  • ~Bee Nee~ says:

    mmm… sounds like my ideal breakfast! the yck there is my fave

  • Xiu Long Bao says:

    huh…u woke up on sunday morning to hav breakfast??? i still didn’t manage to make it though :I

    err…are there any missing wordings in the mee yoke description?

  • daphne says:

    wahh.. I miss a good noodle breakfast too AND i miss KANGKONG!!!!!

    The eggtart got me dropping.. the crust and custard looks fab!

  • Big Boys Oven says:

    I love the yau char kwai!!! they are really really gorgeous. One of my top stall on my list. So crunchy and yet so soft.

  • Anonymous says:

    The yck stall was operated by the chinese couple. You can see the boss busy making the dough.

  • Anonymous says:

    harlo, can I know the Lim Mee Yoke actual place?
    i know ss2, but i neve see Lim Mee Yoke before. where is it??
    can i know??

  • Precious Pea says:

    I grew up eating prawn mee from Lim Mee Yoke, so much so, it now became my benchmark when comparing to other prawn mee i have. Seems like I still like Lim Mee Yoke’s broth the most. Slurps!

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    boo: haha..yeah it is a really good breakfast place with such varieties..maybe its pirated tong kee? im not sure but the egg tart is good stuff

    joe: yeah i ate reli nice cha leong in HK..wish to have tat for breakfast everyday

    the team: glad that he is not as blur when we take our order..haha CCF is good? i must try

    wmw: yeah..its really really fact is addictive

    tummythoz: ur tummy can take it anot???? haha

    bee nee: hahah ur so going to miss it after ur summer break

    xlb: yeah why not? if the food is good :p yaya something wrond with the coding..aihhhh

    daphne: haha..u can try to cook ur own one..without kangkung maybe? prawn stock can be easily bought from any supermarket..

    BBO: seems like everyone is a big fans of the yck leh

    anonymous: ermm..but who are the indian lady n boy?

    pea: yah..the broth is so ‘kao’..hahaha my favourite too

  • pee says:

    the indian lady is the boss wife, the boy his son. i really his yck. just tasete so good with the coffee in the coffee shop at the back.

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    pee: thanks for the info..hahaha..his yck is reli fave too

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