New Formosa Taiwan Restaurant @ SS2

    Another don’t-feel-like-going-home yet-Friday night, we could not make up our mind on where for dinner, so we just drove around SS2 hoping to located some new places with some crowds. The word Famosa or Formosa something flashed across so mind, I remembered that boolicious blogged about this place before, so I smsed her for the address and contact number, and she kindly suggested some of the signature dishes such as bamboo rice and butter eel. We reached there at 10.30 and there are only two tables of customers left. We were so glad that they never shooed us out.

    The lady owner, Jeannie Lee approached us once Kampungboy flashed out the camera. She was asking which press were we from. Haha. We just told her that we do this for fun and we do food reviews in our blog. We chatted a while, since I stayed in Taiwan for three weeks, so we were raving and ranting about the goodness of taiwanese street food and all. She is inviting fellow floggers for a dinner on next Tuesday. Anyone who is interested please revert to me on the malaysian floggers group ya?

    Pickled Cucumber

    Sour Plum Juice. It is a combination of sourish, salty and sweet taste. A very refreshing drink indeed!

    Ta-Dang! Our most favourite dish. The batter is so light but yet it is so crunchy and the eel itself is very soft. I love the all the teenee weeny golden coloured shred, a combination of flour, egg and butter. So far, this is one of the best buttered dishes that I have ever eaten.

    The rice is infused with all the aromatic ingredients such as chinese sausage, chinese mushroom, abundance of dried shrimps and fried onions. I found my favourite, chunks of yam and pumpkin in the rice too. The fragrant of the bamboo rice makes us feel gluttonous.

    My favourite dish during my stay in Taiwan – Ma Po To Fu. I can just having this alone with my staple food, plain rice.

    Complimentry dessert – muachi from Jeannie. According to her, the peanuts are specially selected just for the muachi in her restaurant. Yes, it was really good too. Total damage RM60++, which is fairly reasonable. We walked out with satisfaction and a bloating stomach too. Imagine that we actually gobbled down the rice by ourselves.

    Address: 46, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

    Tel: 03-7875 1894

    Fax/Tel: 03-7729 0000

    Mobile: 019-335 3274


    Business hours: Noon to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm (every day)


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