New Formosa Taiwan Restaurant @ SS2 II

    I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jeannie Lee for the scrumptious dinner served and fellow floggers for such a memorable night. I guess that I do not have to elaborate on New Formosa’s food further as their fame has spread across linguistic and cultural boundaries. It succeed in making their Taiwanese customers feel at home while we Malaysian simply love the diverse and delicious menu.

    My favourite dish would be the special combo dish with as heavenly as ever butter ell, a perfect marriage between mushroom and rice crispy, deceiving crispy intestine pretending to be fried calamari and very garlicy grilled prawn on skewer. The obligatory green dish with asparagus, pumpkin, lily bulb and ginkgo win my votes too!




    Yes, I admit that I am quite biased towards desserts. I love eating these glutinous QQ balls and I never realized that they can be made in such a variety – mango flavoured, coffee flavoured, pandan flavoured etc. The mashed yam with ginkgo (or – ni) reminded me of my grandmother, of TeoChew origin, she can make reli yummy-licious Or-Ni where I only get to savour during Chinese New Year. Caramelized yam is something new for me, the yam cube is boiled till soft before it is coated in a mixture of malt sugar and sesame, it is then dipped into ice cold water to achieve the crunchy outer layer. Lastly, pudding is served in a tantalizing variety of flavours. Popped one into your mouth, the pudding itself is reverberated with the flavor of green tea, caramel custard, mango or guai ling gou.




    Fellow Food Paparazzi in Action


    Authentic sour plum juice
    Home made herbal tea

    I. Formosa Sucking Pig Set Meal (Order in advance, at least 5 person)

    1. Formosa special combo dish
    Butter eel
    Fried golden mushroom and shell meats
    Sesame pig’s intestine
    Grilled prawns stuffed with garlic
    2. Roasted crispy suckling pig
    3. Si Chuan Crispy Duck
    4. Longan Roasted Pi Pa Duck
    5. Fermented Soya Fish Slices
    6. Formosa Special Fried Fish Slices
    7. Formosa Bamboo Yam Rice (order in 40 minutes advance)

    II. Bonito – Mala Steamboat

    III. Formosa Stone Fire Pot

    IV. Desserts
    1. Hand Made Muachi
    2. Mashed Yam with Ginkgo (Or-Ni)
    3. Formosa Special Sweet Yam
    4. Four Flavoured Pudding

    New Formosa Restaurant
    46, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
    Business Hour: 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 11pm.
    Tel: 03-7875 1894, 03-7875 7478


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