Martell V.S.O.P @ Twentyone Kitchen & Bar


    Locating at a superb location at Changkat Bukit Bintang, the spanking new Twentyone Kitchen and Bar is chosen for this month Martell presents KLUE  event. The menu offers a large variesties of dishes but the fusion cuisine clearly dominates, it is also a great place for a drink or two as
    you can see, the bar is heaving with bottles of alcohols.


    It offers a spacious interior with bright lighting and neutral décor. Modern fittings and fixtures can be seen throughout the place.


    Since I arrived surprisingly early, which is 1 hour before the event started, I hang around the upper level. I love this, lovely balcony to take in the views of the ever happening Changkat Bukit Bintang. One can feel a sense of tranquility amidst big city turmoil over here.
    For appetiser, we were served with Trilogy from the Sea which consists of grilled tiger prawn on mango salad, marinated tuna loin with peach, seared scallop with citrus dressing. The succulent and juicy grilled tiger prawn is served on a bed of mango salad, which tastes like som tam, minus the green papaya. The pan seared scallop stays plump and juicy and the citrus dressing added a hint of sourish taste to it. The tuna loin is a total rip off, most of my friends could not bear to swallow it. It has a very unpleasant, malodorous fishy smell and instead of peach slices, orange slices is served with the tuna loin. My friend has reflected this to the serving staff, but noone seems to bother to apologize or offer to replace the tuna loin. It leaves a very bad first impression.

    For mains, we had stuffed chicken with creamy mash and reduction and pan-fried seabass with lemongrass salad, sweet chilli and tomato salsa. The stuffed chicken is a tad too dry, but the sauteed mushroom and mash potatoes is simply delicious. My seabass tastes mediocre, eventhough I’ve always been a fans of seabass and tomato salsa.

    Saving grace of the day would be the dessert, sinfully delicious chilled upside down cheese mousse with fruit compote. It is very creamy and delicious but the serving size is so small! Haha

    Nah, we had a great time albeit the dissappointing food. I have with me the friends that booze together, talk incessantly about what are we up to after few months of absence. From left: Sky High, Star Dust and Martell Neat.

    We had an early birthday celebration for Mun Lin too. She was so thrilled and surprise because she wasn’t aware of the plot and secret planning set behind her. Happy Birthday Girl! I wish you the fulfillment of all your fondest dreams.

    Over all, mediocre food, great service from the Martell girls (never ending demands for polaroids) and 21’s serving staff (run in and out getting us drinks), extremely reasonable price of RM 60 nett and last but not least, it was one helluva party filled with overflowing booze!


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