Greetings From Jeju Island

    Greetings from Korea! Me and my friends are having a ‘sort of’ backpacking trip here. I am able to see and meet people from all walks of life. Not to forget all the street food, snacks, and authentic Korean food. Gosh I miss nasi lemak so much right now. You would feel the same if you see and eat kimchi / pickled vegetables everyday.On the second day we headed to Jeju Island. Jeju Island is a land of myths. The island is inhabited by 18,000 gods and goddesses and is full of myths about them. The gods have been deeply involved in all aspects of the lives of the Jeju people.

    It is a famous travel spot for Koreans and Japanese, since the attractions are geared towards tourists, most of the entrance fees can be quite hefty. Trust me, the spectacular view will make every penny spent worthwhile.

    Shoju has very light and pleasant fragrances but the alcohol content is half to Vodka. We are so glad that Shoju is cheaper than coffee/tea over here. Hehe. I’ll see you guys soon!


    • Mark says:

      Wish you good trip! Have fun!

    • Coketai says:

      Wow!! Jeju island is beautiful, I have my transit from Shanghai to Taiwan in Jeju island, next time must make a stop! Shoju is serve chill and it is like the national drink for Korea.


    • jason says:

      The beach is so clear and clean! Envy.. envy. Hope you have a nice time there!

    • kuang says:

      whoa look like u all having there πŸ˜› enjoy πŸ˜€ see u when u all back πŸ˜€

    • wmw says:

      Did not go to Jeju Island….looks so serene.

    • Jackson says:

      wow…. enjoy ya!!

    • boo_licious says:

      Jeju Island looks like a nice place and so peaceful too.

    • Precious Pea says:

      Jeju is gorgeous. I missed that during our trip to Korea. Planning to go back again, just for Jeju. Did you meet those divers who dive to get live octopus for you to have it sashimi style?

    • xiu long bao says:

      still not back yet ah? u guys are really having fun huh. my mum visited korea few yrs ago n she feel so sick of the food. Kimchi everyday? no way.

    • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

      wow..holidaying also can blog..u must b addicted to blogging..i dont think soju is so “kao”..its abit like sake..

    • Honey Star says:

      Oh wow, the water so clear!!:D Nice!!

      Hehe, i know wat you mean about the kimchi, if its not because of the “har mei belacan sambal thing” our tour guide brought along to Korea last time, the entire tour group will pengsan.

    • Acrix says:

      Soju’s alcohol content (20+%)is half of normal vodka (40%) if not mistaken πŸ™‚ The flower scenery is nice~

    • sc says:

      lovely pictures! spending a long, long holiday there eh citygal?

    • MeiyeN says:

      very nice pics!!!! and your photos remind me of da fun vacation i had it back in korea 3 years ago πŸ™

    • Paprika says:

      wow! I’m so envious, it looks really beautiful! Btw, my friends swear by drinking hot oolong tea with shoju.

    • teckiee says:

      “Shoju is cheaper than coffee/tea over here” HOHOHO sounds like the place to be.

    • team BSG says:

      make sure u dun miss the famous olympic doggie soup ok

    • mama bok says:

      Glad you are having a great time..! i can understand the feeling of missing nasi lemak..! can you imagine.. me.. not having nasi lemak for 7 yrs now..!! damn suxs..!

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      mark: hie there..thanks :p

      coketai: yeah..its an island full of mysteries and mystic..i love shoju just like the koreans

      jason: yeah the water is crystal clear..too bad it is too cold for me to jump in

      kuang: wish u were there too..the koreans miss u

      wmw: yeah..its a great place toget away from the chaotic city life

      jackson: haha yeah i enjoyed

      boo: everything is so simple here..the people in jeju island is great

      precious pea: yeah i will definitely make a trip just to jeju island..har? no wor..but i saw the famous woman divers in jeju

      xiulongbao: yeah..u need locals to bring u far the food that i had is quite good..but kimchi as the side dish is a must..a bit sick of it dy

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      joe: haha not kao for avid drinker like u..for me its too much :p

      honey star: haha very sien rite?? I din bring any belacan tehre la

      acrix” thanks for ur info..hehe already ammended

      sc: 7 days in seoul n 4 days in jeju island..:p

      meiyen: go to jeju island for honeymoon..its a very famous honeymoon spot for japanese n koreans

      paprika: whoa..sounds like a weird combination

      teckiee: haha..a lot of drunken men loiter around the street at seoul

      team bsg: doggie soup??never see that b4 and never dare to try too haha

      mamabok: yeah i had nasi lemak as breakfast the next morning..awwww 7 years..must be real suffer

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