Best Korean Restaurant In Seoul

    Let’s start with something fun and hilarious before the food review. We are having fun trying on various headgears at the sticker photo booth.

    Here we are, the best korean restaurant in Seoul. Feel free to drop by their webpage at I do hope that they can come up with an English version webpage. Its located at the famous fashion district MyeongDong, one can spot this place easily with…next picture.

    A long queue was seen at the entrance. Do not be feared by the sight of long queue because this place has very high morbility with the food serve in in a blink of eye.

    Eunji, our korean friend who brought us here.

    Mandu, its actually dumplings stuffed with beef, mushrooms, stir-fried zucchini, and mungbean sprouts. The dumplings here is meatier, albeit a tad less juicy than those shanghainese xiu long bao that we used to have. This is really good, I love the natural sweetness of the pork.

    Some guksu (noodles) which I forgot to note down what it is called. This cater to our tastebud more. Thick porky broth is served with thinly sliced noodles and minced meat.

    Bibim Guksu is served cold and it is a favourite dish for hot humid summer. It is very tasty and morish with the spicy, sweet sour sauce and aromatic sesame oil.

    Kong Guksu is served in a chilled sesame and soy soup with shredded cucumber. Another refreshing noodle dish for summer. It is an acquired taste that I don’t quite like it but my Korean friends are enjoying this tremendously. Imagine having noodles that swim in a sea of zero sweetness ‘tao zheng’ (soya drink)……Haha
    On your next visit to Korea, make your move to this place at MyeongDong district. There is only four items on the menu so you wont be having headache to a choice.


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