48 Hours With Rome’s Family – Part I


Vic, Hups, Suyen, Yiquan, Munlin, Leeping, our dear korean friends and Rome's family, these are the people who mark a memorable chapter in my trip. Gosh, everything about the trip keep flashing in my mind. I miss everyone so much! I hope that everyone is safe, happy and warm with their loved one.OK, let's get back to the point. Rome's family invited us for dinner the Army Club in Ministry of … [Read more...]

Best Korean Restaurant In Seoul


Let's start with something fun and hilarious before the food review. We are having fun trying on various headgears at the sticker photo booth.Here we are, the best korean restaurant in Seoul. Feel free to drop by their webpage at www.mdkj.co.kr. I do hope that they can come up with an English version webpage. Its located at the famous fashion district MyeongDong, one can spot this place easily … [Read more...]

The Pancake Loving Nation


We stumble upon a bindaeduk (Korean Pancake) stall along Jong No Sam Ga (Jong No 3rd Street) which is just stone throw away from our hostel. It is actually green bean pancakes ground up and mixed with bean sprouts and seafood fried in oil. Ajusshi (uncle) was too busy to entertain us, the english speaking aliens because it was full house inside! I spotted working men having a biteful of bindaeduk … [Read more...]

First Taste of Korea


Thanks to June, Kenny, Chinkuang and Yichang who came all the way to KLIA just to send us off. I shall see you guys on 23rd June at my place again. The plane ride was unbearably long eventhough it takes only 7 hours because it is impossible for me to get my beauty sleep. It felt very claustrophobic because I was surrounded by screaming and crying babies. Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, we were so … [Read more...]

Greetings From Jeju Island


Greetings from Korea! Me and my friends are having a 'sort of' backpacking trip here. I am able to see and meet people from all walks of life. Not to forget all the street food, snacks, and authentic Korean food. Gosh I miss nasi lemak so much right now. You would feel the same if you see and eat kimchi / pickled vegetables everyday.On the second day we headed to Jeju Island. Jeju Island is a land … [Read more...]