Wong Ah Wah Chicken Wing & Frog Porridge @ Jalan Alor

    Being a KL road-blind ourselves, it is a stressful event to drive around the city without any guides or maps on hand. Usually we would avoid entering into KL at all cost, good food is an exceptional case of course.

    Once a road notorious as Red Light District, Jalan Alor has emerged with the name of Wai Sek Kai (glutton street) with shabby stalls offering good hawker food all over.

    Meng Kee is famous for their grilled seafood. The grilled ikan pari is done in different way, the skin is crispy and the flesh remain juicy as seen in Lyrical Lemongrass review. We were early and the seafood is not even defrosted!!

    Few steps after Meng Kee is Restoran Sai Woo, famous for their delicious pork mee suah. Again, we were too early and the piggy is not even slaughter yet.

    We tried 1+1 dim sum and wantan mee before, so it is always better to reserve some space for new choices.

    Here we are, Wong Ah Wah who made a really big name for themselves as the best grilled chicken wings in town. The waiter lead us to an air conditioned place where everyone is having tai chow dishes. It is a bit embarassing to order nothing but chicken wings but we did so eventually.

    We had one dozen of these juicy and scrumptious chicken wings. I’m expecting some sweetness from the honey coated chicken wing, but surprisingly it is savoury with some taste of shao xing or wine?? The chicken wings are grilled to perfection and well marinate. Can I have this everyday??

    Frog Porridge for the brave at heart. Some of my friends were pulled off from this delicacies because of gross looking frogs (tin kai). It is not hard to spot this No-Name stall as they are the only one who offer frog porridge.

    Frog Porridge for Two filled up our stomach instantly.Great stuff if you like eating amphibians. I love those little drunmsticks, tasted so sweet and succulent. The porridge sprinkled with dashes of spring onion, ginger and sesame oil was nothing fantastic though. I’m drooling over the Kong Pou version that Mei Yen had with her darling. Shall drive down to Jalan Alor again, drooling over the grilled seafood!!


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