Ah Lit @ Seri Kembangan

    Another hidden gem in Seri Kembangan, Ah Lit Home Cooked Dishes was being featured in ChinaPress just recently. Joe from Lots of Cravings managed to get his way there last weekend so how can we missed out this place before graduation?

    This place is famous for the mackarel fish (???) and steamed chicken. Both were sold off by the time we get there. For the fish dish, the flesh is scrap off from the bone and minced repeatedly before some seasoning is added. The glue-ify fish paste is then attached to the head and tail to be deep fried. It is similar to something that we tried at the famous beggar chicken place in Banting.

    Patrons were rushing in after reading the newspaper review? The place was packed even on a Tuesday night.

    Garlic Snail (???) RM 20- Thanks to Joe’s recommendation, this is excellent. I love the creamy sauce with the strong hint of garlic and curry leaves. Eventhough the sauce is so strong that it mask the natural sweetness of the snail, the firm and slightly chewy texture remains.

    Sweet Sour Pork in Yam Basket (?????) RM20 – My favourite dish! The pork strips are crispy and the batter is not too flourly. Not much seasoning on the yam basket but it tastes good after absorbing the flavour of the sweet sour sauce.

    Stir Fry Lettuce (????) RM 10
    Specialty Tofu (????) RM 15-It tastes like the crossover of fishball and tofu. The texture is not as soft as tofu and as springy as fish ball. This is a bit plain for me because I prefer those fancy type of tofu with salted fish or dried squid added.

    Stir Fry Brussel Sprouts (????) RM10

    Herbal Chicken (???) RM 18- The chicken is a tad too dry and the herbal soup is too mild. The portion is quite small for 14 pax too.

    Curry Fish Head (????) – Big RM 28, Medium RM 22, Small RM 18. It is presented in a claypot to maintain the warmth of the dish, the fish head is wonderfully simmering in the slightly spicy curry.It gives you a tangy taste amid the mix of long beans, brinjal, lady’s finger with Tau Pok to add to the zest of this dish.

    The makan clan, it is good to have dinner with them because we can try a little bit of everything. The food is very reasonable with total bill comes about rm 10 for each person. The food is good but not as fantastic as portraited by the newspaper review. Will definitely come back again for their signature fish and chicken dish. It is advisable to make a reservation during weekends.

    97,Jalan Sekolah,Section 3,Seri Kembangan,43300 Selangor. 52joy.com ????,????,????O3bt?[?e

    South City Plaza in the direction of Serdang –> Go straight and pass a BP petrol station and go straight until you see a Hong Leong on your left –> Immediately go to your right lane and turn right after the traffic light –> Go straight and on your left see a small signboard Jalan SK 3/10 and turn left..its just before a big school..go straight for 10 seconds..Direction from Joe

    Opens from 530 pm to 12 am every day except for wednesday


    • jason says:

      *chin dropped on the table, tongue sticking out* (for the 2nd time)

    • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

      haha i m glad u guys liked it..its definitely value for money..

    • Timothy says:

      Just like you said ..once the place becomes popular, the quality also go down. I’ve tried this place before too … but I really didn’t had chance to write about it.

    • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

      Wah so cheap! and food looks good too. I would love to try that garlic snail dish.

    • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

      hmm i dont think its so much of a quality drop..it just tat there really have a few signature dishes and they try to branch out for some variety..thus u prob c a huge diff

      so did my directions work?

    • Xiu Long Bao says:

      Guess u r going to miss ur makan club after graduation..nice bunch of frens u hav 🙂
      Btw, the chinese name for the first fish dish sounds really amusing, reminds me of how my mum always call me when i was young…notti of cus ;p

    • MeiyeN says:

      citygal, you cut short your hair?!!!

    • sc says:

      some of the dishes are interesting though.. like the fish and the yam basket wth sweet sour pork. alas, am very blur when it comes to directions at seri kembangan :(. guess this is when i need to meet up with one fren who stays there! haha

    • Precious Pea says:

      Hahaha..meiyen…i was too busy drooling at the food, didn’t even notice citygal had her hair cut short. By they way, kampungboy not in the group photo?

    • wmw says:

      I’ve never really ventured to this area…anyone want to do a convoy??? I’m not familiar with this place. ;O)

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      jason: hahah come i bring u go

      joe: yeah!! thanks for the direction too..oooo means last time they only have those specialty dish?

      timothy: so do u like the food?? 🙂

      lemongrass: yeah..all the eateries around SK is reasonably priced

      xiu long bao: haha u must be reli notty..fah guat long

      meiyen: yeah..sharp eyes u have

      sc: yeah u need a fren to bring u around..drive a small car (kancil / kelisa) bcoz the roads are soooo small for 2 way lane..i saw BM being scratched..OOOUCCHHH

      wmw: u better come b4 i graduate..so tat i can bring u around haha

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      precious pea: yeah kgboy is alwiz busy one..:((

    • Jian says:

      Oh June is part of ur makan clan? Haha she was my senior back at high school….so ngam….

      Durianberry mentioned to me about a siu chow place at Serdang. Always seen packed with customers but food is not really that good. The steam chicken is wrapped up one?

    • ~Christine~Leng says:

      hey! love ur blog! I’ve dine in this place a few times. Near my area.. *smiles*. Absolutely nice and enjoyed it at a reasonable price! looking forward for more of ur posts!

    • jaded77plz says:

      i can’t believe both of u can really cari makan lubang everywhere in malaysia… currently I’m staying U.S, Santa Monica….(i’m a food lover too, hunting for ASIAN FOOD all the time.) Unfortunately, i can’t find a nice malaysian food….Wah Lao E…. everything is $$$$$. Ex: Roti canai costed USD4++, OMG!!! How to eat?????? Hai… i don’t care anymore, beg my parent to allow me home…Hai>>>> i miss malaysian food so much… : ( coming back on december for holiday. definately will cari makan like u do!!!!! Keep in up, Man!!!

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