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    We were still hungry after the three course meal at Sandias, on the way back, we drove around SS2 looking for Fei Lou Lok Lok. Somehow we ended up at A Little Dim Sum Place because I need a cool and airy place after a couple of drinks. This is a cafe style dim sum place without the aunties pushing dim sum carts shouting “Har Gao! Siew Mai! Char Siew Bao!”.

    Spurred by the banner, we were tempted to try the mango tong yuan, a dessert invented by the leading actor Ah Wong in Life Made Simple. It piqued the curiosity of many because we can spot the Mango Tong Yuan in every table.

    Just browse through the menu, tick your choice and pass it to the serving staff. The dim sum will be served right away.

    Century Egg and Lean Meat Porridge (RM 2.50). The porridge was nothing fantastic but the crispy fried crullers came to rescue. Kampungboy is managed to track a few tiny chunks of century eggs and lean porks from the porridge.

    Mango Tong Yuan (RM4). They mixed mango juice with glutinous rice ball to form the dough and the filling is some mango puree.

    The puree is oozing out! The tong yuan mixed with mango juice is a bit powdery and thick and somehow I hate the puree, it tastes so artificial. The jelakness filled me after one or two balls, we should have order only one bowl of it.

    Sunshine Bao (RM 3). This is good stuff! The orange yellow coloured bao is filled with something that tastes like the mixture of salted egg yolk and custard. The sweetness is not too empowering and I’m a big fans of salted egg yolk.

    The place was cooling and comfortable. Dim Sum are available through out the day. With such reasonable price and quality ensured, we will definitely come back again to try out some innovative items such as phoenix eye, cheese-around, lily scallop roll and mango banana prawn fritters.

    A Little Dim Sum Place
    12 Jalan SS2/63
    Petaling Jaya
    Tel: 03-78731876

    Business hours: 9am to 3pm, 6.30pm to 12.30am (Tues to Fri), 9am to 12.30am (Sat and Sun). Closed on Monday.Sweet congees and desserts are available only from 6.30pm on weekdays and 3pm on weekends


    • wmw says:

      Ha ha…I also went to try out the Mango Rice Ball…Will blog about it soon.

    • Kenny Mah says:

      O we just missed each other! After leaving and dropping Nisa off at Mutiara Damansara, I grabbed my late-night burger daging special at SS2, near the 7-Eleven.

      If you two are around SS2, do call me up — I stay there. Love to do another mini-makan session. I’ll email you my HP. 🙂

    • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

      wah wat is this..not enough u 2 go makan 1 more round ar..yikes u guys do have a huge stomach for u 2 skinny couple..

      everyones been talking abt the tong yuen..shit still wan to try..

    • jason says:

      Only 3 mango tong yuen per bowl?? Kinda kedekut la

    • praveen says:

      the mango tong yuen reminds me of gulab jamun and rasgulla you get at those north indian joints. Guess it’s almost the same thing

    • Precious Pea says:

      Haha..i wasn’t full either but decided to just head to bed and no supper.

      I was at the Dim Sum place yesterday too and will blog about it soon. Do try Phoenix Eyes on your next visit. But Hubby and I don’t like their Lily Scallop Roll at all. Will try Sunshine Bao next visit.

    • JaN!Ce says:

      yo~ the sunshine bao…made me slobber.. if got chance, next time bring me there ah~

    • xiu long bao says:

      waa…so geng chow!still got space after a 3 course meal??? I was trying to locate this dimsum place @ sri hartamas, not knowing dat it has moved to ss2.

      jason, tong yuen veli filling one la…3 are more than enoh to stuff u!

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      wmw: sucky rite? haha

      kenny mah: sure do! the more the merrier..we need makan kakis!

      joe: yeah some more we sapu all the bread and side dishes besides the mains..its bad to have big stomach la..hurt the wallet so much..the tong yuan not worth trying u’ll regret..

      jason: yeah lor..so expensive..but its more than enof coz it feels so jelak

      praveen: really? those were indian desserts rite without the soup rite?

      precious pea: haha smart choice..yeah i wana try a lot of things in their menu

      janice: hahah sure [email protected]

      xiu long bao: hahaha..big stomach ma.

    • praveen says:

      yeah both those desserts are dunked in a sugar syrup like thingy

    • Anonymous says:

      Our apologies for the Mango Tong Yuen. From your description, the tong yuen was not completely cooked on the inside. That will cause the taste to weird as you describe. Over cooking it will cause the tong yuen to burst. When its busy, sometimes the tong yuen will be under-cooked. We hope you will give us another chance and let us know your comments. The filling is mainly mango, sugar and ice cream, as close to Ah Wong as we can go.


    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      oooo whoa..thanks for leaving a comment here..yeah i will give it a second try..hope that the mango tong yuan is impressive ya

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