The Olive @ Genting Hotel

    Located at ground floor of Genting Hotel, the award winning Olive is always empty. Many are feared by the refined atmosphere and plush interior, thinking that the prices must be steep.

    The Olive is a trendy, elegant venue for an evening of delightful wining and dining. It sets the perfect mood for the evening while you enjoy the music of the resident band.

    The resident band is playing lively hits from the 70s to serenade the night away. We are in our early 20s but somehow we enjoy jigging away to the oldies tune.

    It happened that the old couple sitting beside us are HUGE fans of bee gees. They hummed the lyrics while dancing together with bee gees classic like Too Much Heaven, How Deep Is Your Love and Lonely Days. Wonder if we will be like them in our older days??

    Long Island
    There are choices of meat, seafood, salads, pizzas and desserts other than drinks beyond the bar. Juicy succlent wagyu beef is the house specialty. They are having a 2 course lunch special at rm 48 and a 3 course lunch special at rm 58. It is definitely a great deal for a fine dining experience at such a posn and arty ambience.

    Price wise, total bill comes about rm 50 for our mocktails. It is considered as reasonable for us. Service is great and we enjoy the band tremendously. Will definitely revisit this place again, hoping that Uncle Lim could grant us some wind fall then I wouldn’t mind dine in here. Giggles.


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