Thai Express @ The Curve

    With the VIP pass for UEFA Champion League Trophy Tour brought by Heineken, Kampungboy and friends headed straight to The Curve to catch a glimpse of it. Takkan I tag along kan? It’s an all boyz outing and when it comes to football..YAWN..
    The boyz had lunch at Thai Express that is forever packed with people. It is a Thai food connoisseurs originated from Singapore and the name sounds like some fast food joint with microwave reheat food. It has another outlet at IOI mall, Puchong. However, the sprightly coloured interior is divide from any other wood based Thai restaurant.

    The boyz had Beef Bee Hoon (12.90), Shrimp Paste Rice (11.90), Yellow Chicken Curry Rice (10.90). The food is nothing spectacular but their drinks are quite pricey with mineral water (2.90) and ice blended (8.90). I think this would be our last resort to dine in at The Curve with other eateried like Sakae Sushi, Nan Xiang, Italiannis or even Kim Gary.


    • Anonymous says:

      Been there once.Must say the food is….DISSAPOINTING

    • Anonymous says:

      dear kampungboycitygal,

      i would like to just extend a compliment to you two wonderful couple coming up with this blog. great work done here! do keep up the effort!

      hey, i found thai express to be a rather decent place. all the times that i went there, service is very good compared to other places. their glass noodles and appetizer tofu are my favourites! :o)

      bejewelled*…where everything is dessert…

    • Xiu Long Bao says:

      i tot bloggers hav given thai xpress a bad name? nvr tried it before!

    • Someone who is constantly craving says:

      this is a very expensive place..the food is decent la..but the drinks is very exp..i m sure if u pay abit more you can get more authentic thai food

    • tankiasu says:

      I tried Thai express for the first time in Singapore few months ago. Didn’t really like it. Too “artificial Thai” so to speak. And yea, pricey too.

    • Precious Pea says:

      My fren told me she had fried rice and it wasn’t ‘microwaved’ properly? How she knew? Well…takkan the bottom of the plate warm while the rice on top cold rite????

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      anonymous: no next time rite?

      anonymous: hie there glad that u like our blog! service is good..but for the price we pay, the food is not up to standard :p

      xiu long bao: yeah..but its still forever packed!

      someone who is constantly craving: exactly, but its a gd place for quick lunch because the food is served fast

      tankiasu: yeah..n the drinks are super expensive

      precious pea: hilarious! haha the rice must be cold with some shaved ice on top

    • jason says:

      From the pics… the food don’t look appetising at all

    • sc says:

      tried it once when it first was either mediocre or bad. take your pick…

    • lavenderbell says:

      Been there once, tried the “Phat Thai”, too bad coz it was tasteless…and yes their beverages are darn expensive!! >_<

    • Kenny Mah says:

      Just a quick comment to say hi back — will let ya know when I get my Sandias post up. You two too — can’t wait to read your post. 😀

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      jason: maybe is d pic quality not gd also

      sc: hahaha vowed will never try it again

      lavenderbell: yeah lor.rm 2.5 for mineral water

      kenny: hahahaa nice 2 meet u

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