Milwaukee Steak Corner @ Balakong

    Milwaukee is renowned for its cheap and great western food. Developed from the hugely popular Harley Davidson bikers from the United States, the Milwaukee Steak Corner set-up has immense potential in becoming the next great franchise in Malaysia. They are having another outlet in Kepong which has a lot of good reviews too.

    The cosy ambience makes it a good spot for family and friends get together. Few weeks ago, Kampungboy’s coursemate had a birthday celebration here for petite little Yin Nean and I did not tag along because my ex school mate gathering was going on too. So, no comments on the food because he forgot which was nice and which was sucks.

    Original Chicken Chop

    Chicken Cordon Bleu

    Oriental Chicken Chop

    Grilled Ostrich
    Cheese Baked Fish
    Chicken Maryland
    Kampungboy could not keep his eyes off from this cutie pie sitting on the table beside theirs.

    A long stretch of future accountants without Kampungboy because he was the cameraman. Happy belated birthday to petite little Yin Nien once again. Location map is available on Milwaukee website.


    • Jackson says:

      waa….so envy on yr group la.. alwiz hv lots of preety girl. The girl in white on the right preety ler….

    • jason says:

      Hahaha…. I lurve Chicken Cordon Bleu ler :P~~~

    • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

      Hey faster introduce the girl to Jackson!!

      Wah they have their own chilli sauce ar? I like the food presentation.

    • Coketai says:

      I always wonder why a lof of ppl like to choose “Accountancy” in the Uni, I have been in this line for the past 18 year but I still asking a same question !!! Ha! Ha!

      Sorry, not a food comment!


    • Someone who is constantly craving says:

      this place is quite good..they serve also very upmarket cuts of meat as well..albeit abit far for me..eventhough i stay in cheras..

      on a separate note thanks for linking me! will be staying tune to your blog more often also since jackson say got alot of pretty girls

    • tankiasu says:

      Oh my house is not very far from Balakong, maybe I should try ’em. But how’s the pricing like?

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      jackson: hahaha sorry la..she’s not girl like me were grabbed fast..hahaha

      jason: me too!! the melting cheese n ham..yummmm

      lyrical lemongrass: cant intro to him..shes not a/v..try the outlet at kepong nearer to u rite?

      someone who is constantly craving: balakong is quite near to cheras right? haha dun listen to him..but u must visit my blog more often

      tankiasu: ranges from rm 9.90 to rm 19.90 for poultry..steak will cause more..

    • wmw says:

      Eh, here also matchmaking for Jackson? Ha ha ha…Ok, everyone, keep a lookout!

    • Precious Pea says:

      Not bad wor…the servings looks good. But balakong a bit far for me leh.

    • Tummythoz says:

      Wah jackson, very fast-ar. Pity still not fast enuf. =)

    • team BSG says:

      really very AX looking food !
      ..and da ladies OMG !
      so many…better watch out the cameraman no wonder he din no what tasted good wats bad…hehehe

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      wmw: haha he has a really high requirement

      precious pea: u can opt for the kepong outlet

      tummythoz: hahah he kept kena teased

      team bsg: no need to watch out one..i give him freedom haha

    • sc says:

      the mains looks somewhat like those served in mama chop& papa grill, though the sides looks much better. the food is better here compared to MCPG?

    • Timothy says:

      I don’t really fancy the cooking quality in Milwaukee … quite common. The ones in Taman Billion Cheras .. is also the same. Basically … like I always say, you get what you pay for … to have good, satisfying, affordable steak, head for reputable ones such as TGIF …

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      sc: sorry i cant comment bcoz i have not been to mama chop papa grill :p but the food here is quite ok la..above average i shall say

      timothy: yeah for the price that we pay its considered as ok..haha i dun quite fancy chillis tgif

    • Mark says:

      Milwaukee, its my regular hang out place too! Just a short distance from my office. Very great food and I just love having a cold beer with chicken wings after a long day work!

      Hey KpBCtG, seems like we have similar taste ya?

    • dolly says:

      kepong metro prima oso got milwaukee,,,i like grilled lamp chop…

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