Floggers Meet @ Sandias, Bukit Damansara [CLOSED]

    “How ar? I have butterflies in my stomach, it feels like the first time you asked me out for a date!”

    “Sshhhh, I’m nervous too, imagine meeting 40 of them which you have never encountered in real person. OMG where are we now? Just keep reading the map lar!”

    The first ever food blogger gathering was held at Sandias in conjunction with Martell presents KLUE RSVP event. Thanks to boolicious for organizing this and babe kl for setting up the floggers group. I had a hard time to recognize those humble floggers who wish to remain anonymous. Your nick? Your blog? oOooOoo I know you! sort of conversation went around the place.

    Reaching here is a breeze, thanks to the directions and maps uploaded by fellow floggers.

    Polaroid of Lianne & RA and Kampungboy & Citygal

    Free flow of Martell, so drink your heart out people! I saw some of you with flushed face and floating step hehe!

    The menu in long elaborated Mexican word, thank god it is followed by the description in English.

    Complimentary Bread for the starving soul, like us πŸ™‚

    Pumpkin Soup

    Chicken Fritos

    Lemon Sole in Tomato Salsa

    Braised Quarter Chicken

    After so much of chatting in the virtual space, finally I get to meet Mei Yen in real person. She looks as great as her picture, and she has got killer shape with all the eating. I actually forgot to give you a toast on your engagement with Bob. Adui……

    Kenny Mah the multi talented body balance instructor, Niza who told me that Kenny Mah’s word does not count because he was drunk and the lady who smells nice. It was fun talking to them.

    Jackson from Klang who loves my coursemates and Kampungboy. No lar, Jackson is not a pervert, it was a guy’s instinct to admire ladies. He was kind enough to offer fatboycakes for babysitting his kids if we are going on a Bangkok Makan Trip. See? Jackson is one of the endangered male species.

    The food was nothing fantastic but we enjoyed the night with great companions. We were brought together by passion for good food, our eyes just sparkle and light up when we talked about food (esp the sharkfin duck that Precious Pea tried) and the sound of our laughter filled the place.

    I met Xiu Long Bao and Char Siu Bao who portraited professionalism in their face and dressing, Tekkie who is so young and sweet, Tankiasu who is a bit quiet, Nigel who brought a cake to the after party at Attic (sobs), Lianne who is so cute and bubbly, Mark who slim down and brought along her pretty gf, Jason who talak sombong langsung (Ipoh rocks!), Joe the constantly craving fella who persuades us to enter his firm, Precious Pea with perfect complexion that I suspected that she takes bird nest everyday, Paprika C who looks so much like my secondary school teacher, RA the new member which was seated beside us, TimLow and Vincent whom we wish that we could talk more to, tummythoz who is so cute and noisy, her blog partner fezzaboy who is a bit quiet and shy, lyrical lemongrass who loves me because I spray on her favourite scene, boolicious the organizer who looks stern but talks soft, babe kl who carry a smile on her face all the time, cookies cream who makes me salivate on her jogoya vip food post, SC whom I didn’t get to talk to, Adly from friedchillies who presented me the ultimate food guide, and wmw who shout us from behind “Kampungboy and Citygal”, I enjoy her laugher too. Did I missed out anyone? Looking forward for our second gathering now..


    • "Joe" who is constantly craving says:

      haha nice to meet u 2..yes..our firm needs more new makan kaki..haha..well hope to meet u 2 again..n i finally found out y the city and kampung haha!

    • babe_kl says:

      nice to have finally met the handsome boy and pretty gal. wat’s the secret both city gal and meiyen have to keep slim and shapy???

    • wmw says:

      Nice meeting you two…So cutelah you two! Citygal, back in KL yet? Sorry, I tried my best…you came back by bus too?

    • Jackson says:

      wahlau…im in yr blog!! Kindly pls leave donw my hp number there in case any of yr coursemate interested! LOL! Nice meeting u 2 and look forward for the next one too. Bangkok may be?

    • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

      lol at the pic!!! It was nice meeting you guys…so cute together!!

    • Kenny Mah says:

      Yeah, you two are simply the cutest! πŸ˜€

      Plus we’re from the same uni, so that helps, haha. And I can’t believe you posted that photo with the Big Smiley Face over… someone.

      Very creative way of getting round the “No Faces” rule. I just cropped the photos and show cleavage, hahaha…

      Catch you two again some time!

      P.S. Nisa was the drunk one, not me! I was the designated driver ma.. πŸ˜›

    • Precious Pea says:

      Haha…birdnest everyday? How i wish! The light was dim, that’s why you couldn’t see all the polka dots.

      Anyway, nice to meet you both!

    • cookies_cream says:

      Nice meeting you too kampungboycitygal! πŸ™‚ Didn’t really get to chat with you 2. Hopefully there’s another gathering session and we could chat more soon. πŸ™‚

      Oh ya citygal, do you mind sending me the gathering pics? You can email or add me in msn at [email protected] Thanks. πŸ˜‰

    • FoodieLianne says:

      Can you share us your secrets ah ? You two are foodies but how come so slim ah ? Am damn jealous! πŸ™ hehehe

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      joe: can’t wait for the second gathering..then we can form our own makan kaki gang in
      ur firm’

      babe and lianne: i have (almost) vegetarian meal during weekdays and i take a lot of meals with small portion..weekdays will be pig off time!! nice meeting u too babe..boi boi so hang fook

      kenny: hahaha cute is like the latest adjective u guys put on us..
      wmw: yea lor..take bus..boh bian la kgboy so busy with activities and all

      jackson: bangkok trip will be hard lar? how to take leave from school or work? maybe we can have a gathering for like once every 2 months?

      lemongrass: u like the new face lift? hehe u are cute too..

      kenny: cute is like the description everyone put on us..yaya mmu rules even though its just a money making university..how dare u to cropped off someone’s face? she’ll bark at u..hahaha..nisa and u were like so high that day..

      precious pea: i can only see smooth complexion with rosy cheek

      cookies cream: never intro ur bf one!! hahaha i sent it ..

    • Char Siew Bao says:

      Nice to meet the cutest couple!
      Well hope to see you guys soon in other upcoming events!

      Keep up the delicious blogging!

      oh ya! All the best of luck in your studies! Who knows may see you guys in KPMG in the near future? or izit the “Prick With Calculators” (PWC) firm? πŸ˜›

    • Kenny Mah says:

      Heh heh, only Nisa high lah. I’m usually like that, even without a drink, scary right? πŸ˜›

      And please don’t blame me, it’s the only way to hide the true identities of the floggers. Well, till I saw how you did it, and it cracks me up still. I wonder how she took to having that on her face, haha.

      And you two are a couple of good-looking people, but I meant cute not superficially but you two are around each other. So I guess even if you two look like Sandra Ng Kwan Yue and her director hubby Peter Chan, you’d still be cute! πŸ˜€

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      char siew bao: haha nice to meet fluffy char siew bao n cute siew long bao too!! is there any upcoming events? cant wait for it!! hahahah..thanks..we’ll try our best to squeeze into these firms.

      kenny: hahaha high without a drinks is like the hardest thing to do in the universe..

      she won’t blame it on you because there’s still some nice cleavage to be shown…she lol at my pics!

      ng kwan yue and peter chan is cute..they always poke fun on each other during those movie awards..

    • Timothy says:

      Hey KampungboyCitygal,

      Terribly sorry I didn’t manage to talk a little more with you guys. Likewise, I was kinda lost in the gathering. There’s so many of you whom I love to talk to. Anyway, now that contact has been established … it seemed much easier to write to you, and somehow know to whom I am conversing with. Haha. Like you said, looking forward for the next outing !

    • Timothy says:

      I forgot, adding you in my link .. if you don’t mind. Can’t say cannot also, cause I added already. hehe.

    • Tummythoz says:

      Cute? Me? It must b d Martell in you. Noisy? That’s Martell in me!

    • tankiasu says:

      I’m quiet?! Kakaka…what a joke. I’m so not a quiet person ok? Grrr…ok ok…I admit I was quiet that night. I chickened out on that big occasion. πŸ˜› My bad! Nice meeting you 2. I’ll show you how noisy I can get next time k?

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      tomothy: hie there..dun feel bad..we were a bit lost too..yeah..now when im browsing through everyone blog, i can actually picture the blogger itself
      our pleasure that u linked us, we never asked when we linked u too..hehe

      tummythoz: hahahaha that’s funny..so ur diam diam ubi without alcohols?

      tankiasu: hahaha! for us ur really quiet..yeah hope to hear more noise from u

    • sc says:

      awww, most unfortunate we didnt get to say hi :-(..i was kinda trapped at my seating area already by the time i spotted u guys.. and i rushed off after dinner..hehe..will die die say hi to u guys in the next gathering, ok?

    • Rasa Malaysia says:

      Wah, so many leng chai leng lui…and great food and company…sigh I didn’t get to join. πŸ™

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      sc: no probz..haha we were a bit messy and blur too..sure do! looking forward to meet ya

      rasa msia: hahaha we’ll have one esp for u when u come back k?

    • raΒ° says:

      hey cute couple! nice to be meeting you guys and thanks for linking up. I’ll post mine soon enough. heheh. Till our next flooggers meet. πŸ™‚

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