Chinatown Seng Kee @ Jalan Sultan

    Yes, another place to satisfy your late night crave other than Sungai Besi Wantan Mee. Seng Kee is one of the pioneer of Claypot Lo Shu Fan before it is popularised by various chinese eateries or mamaks. They moved into a clean bright shop lot (finally) but during my previous visit here, Petaling Street were hit by electricity blackout. They laid out a long stretch of tables along the road and we have to get our yummy fix along the drain.

    Claypot lo shu fan (rat tail noodles) were served with the thick savoury gravy, topped with abundance of spring onions, minced pork and raw egg. Tossed the raw egg with everything and you’ll get a thick smooth gravy. Delicious! Somehow, I still prefer Murni’s claypot lo shu fan with the Ooo Laa Laa cili padi than Seng Kee’s.

    Another most order dish must be their siu yoke meen (roasted pork noodles). The sang meen was mixed with roasted pork, vegetables and garlics. I have to say that the standard deteriorated. The sang meen has a very unpleasantly strong lye water (aqueous sodiam carbonate aka ‘kan sui’) smell and the roasted pork was hard instead of crispy. Nobody was willing to finish off the plate after one or two bite of this.

    The deep fried yong taufu served some sweet sauce is nice though. I was a bit tipsy (not drunk) to take a good shot of this. Sorry! The bills came at a whopping RM 88 for 2 large claypot lo shu fan, 2 large siu yoke meen, 2 plates of yong taofu and some drinks.

    It’s located at Jalan Sultan (after Popular Book Shop or opposite Shanghai Bookstore and Southern Bank). In Wantan’s Production review, he mentioned that Seng Kee actually has another two branch which is Mama’s Kitchen @ TTDI and Potz Cafe @ Sunway Mas.


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