Sungai Besi Wan Tan Mee

    Touted as one of the best wan tan mee in town, this particular stall never fails to attract crowds, especially late diners or youngster who club till the wee hours. Sorry for the low quality photos because famished Kampungboy left his camera behind.

    The noodles are springy and the sauce with dashes of sesame oil is full of flavour. We had the wild boar curry and hakka char yoke (stew pork) version. Wild boar curry was cook to perfection as the meat is tender and the curry sauce is delicious. Hakka char yoke was dissappointing because the pork was so dry and hard. Sui Kaw (dumplings) is like any other sui kaw where there is nothing to shout about.

    The other toppings are like the usual char siu, siu yoke and the unusual pork knuckels and ginger duck. Other than pickled chillies, I love to have my noodles with the dried shrimps sambal. The food was a bit pricey where the total bills comes about RM 20 but it was worth while.

    After the former Niichi Fashion City, you will be able to spot the stall which is located next to a car mechanic and is after the BP station. Opens from 8pm till the wee hours. Refer to KY’s well drawn map.


    • boo_licious says:

      So many people blogging abt this place recently – must give it a try one day.

    • MeiyeN says:

      this place is always packed and sometimes on-da-road cars intend to go really slow cause of da patrons parking their cars at da road side… my cousin told me that she don’t really understand how come this place has got so many customers when their “wantan mee” is not that great :p anyways, i must go there to try out myself ekekekeke…

    • KY says:

      well drawn? hahahhaa

    • bubbles says:

      i like the Wan Tan Mee near the Buntong Pasar in Ipoh. Hee.. the wan tan there is addictive. I can eat 20 in one time. Hee..

    • evan says:

      hi thx for linking me but im not malaysian. im from singapore =)

    • jason says:

      I remember this place… There’s one time I went to KL and went clubbing (lol) till around 3am and pass by this stall and my friends stop for the mee. I didn’t try it cos it’s kinda strange to eat at that time (can consider as breakfast!).

      bubbles: I heard that too but not familiar with Buntong. :p

    • Precious Pea says:

      Ky’s map always very handy! OOo…you mean they serve dried shrimp sambal too?

    • weixuan says:

      i never liked that wantan mee in sg. besi. such awful taste and yet crowned “best”.

      the wantan mee near buntong pasar in ipoh though, is the best i ever had 🙂

    • tankiasu says:

      I’m one of those that never understand why is this stall so popular. I really think the food here is very mediocre, and I can easily find a dozen other better wantan mee in Klang Valley.

      But of coz we all got different tastebuds. 😛

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      boo: i went there again last night..noodles are springy but the sauce tossed together with the noodles are a tad too sweet..

      meiyen: haha coz clubbers have to feed their stomach at the odd hours like 2 3 am

      KY: Yes! I use ur map as guidance to reach there..

      bubbles: argh i wana go..but i duno where is buntong pasar :p

      evan: yeah take note of that n make some changes 🙂

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      tankiasu: haha dun get me wrong..the noodles are nice..but not the side dishes that come with the noodles..:p

      jason: i dun really care..i can eat anytime anyday hahahaha

      precious pea: exactly haha! yes..u can have it all by urself..its served in pots on every tables

      weixuan: where!? seriously i feel like going buntong for their wantan mee..hehe

    • jason says:

      Anyone can provide the direction to Buntong wantan mee?? :p

      kampungboycitygal: Ahh.. cos that time I just wanna go back and sleep! Hehehe..

    • Tummythoz says:

      Hi-5 with meiyen’s cousin & tankiasu. For those fans of this place, please please don b stingy with your indicators when you r slowing down to park or getting back to the road. It is called Seremban H-i-g-h-w-a-y. Isshh. Yeah, I did encounter a few close calls when driving pass this place.

    • Paprika says:

      You just reminded me of this place. Its been awhile since there have been no more drunken nights therefore no siew yeh. Ah now I have cravings!!

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      jason: mood for wantan mee huh

      tummy thoz: yeah it’s quiet dangerous becoz patrons just parked their cars at the road side

      paprika: hahaha yeah it’s supper for clubbers

    • bubbles says:

      Buntong Wan Tan Mee Direction

      Coming from the town, Medan Kidd will be on ur left and the Ipoh town bus station will be on ur right. Go straight and turn left at the 1st traffic light. Then go all the way straight until u see a cross junction, turn left. Buntong Pasar will be on ur right. Turn right at the 1st junction, u’ll be able to see the Wan Tan Mee shop.

      It opens at night. I heard that they will only start operating at 8pm sharp. Hee.. Enjoy!

    • earl-ku says:

      there is ther wantan mee, in salak south, in the market, cheap wantan mee and yong tau foo … jus an alternative …

    • earl-ku says:

      jeles … u got mui mui jai fansee …

    • Contr4dixion says:

      I tried it before. Actually, I find the noodle and sauce nothing special. Just they they have alot of stuffs you can add in.

      I think the wan tan mee near my house in Sri Rampai, Setapak, (KL) taste better. Too bad the autie probably made enough money and retired dy.

    • Bernsy says:

      I got story to tell you about this place. Before they widened the Sungai Besi Road where the stall is… notice the bend ( road) where the stall is located ?

      a few accidents happened there before , with unsuspecting drivers ramming into cars parked next to the stall…

      No fatalities reported but still makes a good story

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