Marche Movenpick, The Curve

My father always instilled me with the phrase “there’s no free lunch in this world but I just had an (almost) free lunch in Marche Movenpick courtesy of Xfresh! We got RM 150 free vouchers from Marche Movenpick last month and we were excited like hell. Who can resist freebies?I wonder how will Gary spend his RM 1500 vouchers? Wink Wink.

Marché (Mar-shay) means “market” in French and is developed by the Swiss-based Mövenpick Group. It iresembles a huge marketplace in a European village setting providing the freshest food which is prepared daily and in front of your eyes. Do you know that you can actually buy raw ingredients and others to take home with you if you wish.

No more signage of Thursday Buffet as the promotion has just ended. What a waste because rm 38 eating spree in Marche is totally worth while. So now every Thursday would be Pasta Thursday. Let’s have a look at all the food station. You’ll be spoilt with choices!

The ambience is so colourful and merry! It light up my day instantly! .There are 8 different theme seating, namely, The Boulevard, Locanda, Swiss Auberge, Poterie, Mediterranean Garden, Pergola, Brasserie, Bar and Lounge area. We were having head ache to decide where to sink our butt on because all the theme settings make good spot for cam whoring.

Each guest would be given a market passport as they enter the restaurant. Guests would order their food with this passport (stamped with the items selected) and settled them with the cashier as they leave the restaurant.

Mushroom Cheese Rosti rm 12.90- Rosti can be considered as the national dish of Switzerland, just like our Nasi Lemak. Grated potatoes are shaped into patties to be fried like a pancake. The generous amount of mushroom and cheese add additional flavour to the grated potatoes. It wins our votes right away!
Lamb Shank rm28 – The lamb shank is not braised for a really long time because I’m having a hard time to cut the meat off the bone. It fails to beat Secret Recipe’s and Las Carretas’ version. Another complain is that the sauce is too salty for me liking.
Rib eye rm 26 – This is very reasonably priced but the rib eye is a total ripped off! The meat is too raw and bloddy. The mashed potato comes to defense because it is really smooth and nice.
Our Ice Kacang and Ice Blended Chocolate Hazelnut (rm 4.50 and rm 8.90). Total bill comes about rm 91.43 which we paid for rm 1.43 only. I love the concept and the ambience, the food is just ok and the staff are quite friendly. Maybe I shall try something new on my second visit, I still have rm 60 vouchers left afterall!

The Curve, Mutiara Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7728 9200,
Fax: 03 7727 5660

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  • Lyrical Lemongrass says:

    I like their rosti. With so much variety, it’s easy to get carried away with ordering. After the meal, the bill can be quite scary…generally! Unless you have lots of food vouchers, of course. ^^

  • Precious Pea says:

    Lucky you!! How to get the free vouchers?

  • Tummythoz says:

    M so envious!

  • MeiyeN says:

    da rosti @ this place is my favourite… yum, yummy! aikss…da buffet endeD? i tried once and it was worthy! 😀

  • Coketai says:

    Hi Kampongboycitygal:
    “there’s no free lunch in this world ” still true, OK!!! I don;t know how you get your freebies but I am sure you don’t get it out from the sky!!!

    OK! Old man speaking still true…believe me!!!!


  • xuin says:

    the mushroom suop at MARCHE also..
    u may try next time =D
    so good have FREE voucher..
    i also want!!! hehe^^

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    lyrical lemongrass:’s hard to make ur own rosti at home..either it become soggy or too hard..yes..we were quite surprise that everything total up to rm 90++

    precious pea: i just summit an eating pictures then ask frens to vote for me 😀

    tummythoz: dun envy..u can afford it one :p

    meiyen: yeah..i read about ur buffet there..u n ur darling can eat so much..geng!!

    coketai: hahaha thanks for ur advise

    xuin: hahaha..leave spore and head to kl now..i treat u

  • jason says:

    The first time I tried Marché was in Singapore! Then later I know they’re open in M’sia too. The food passport used in the 2 branches are different though. The SG’s passport is placed on a scanner, not stamped, so you can’t see the item number.

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    jason: haha..that’s more high tech!!

  • jason says:

    kampungboycitygal: That means I gotta be careful of what I’m gonna order too!

  • Xiu Long Bao says:

    yooo…food always taste nicer wiv free vouchers! but my last visit to marche was disappointing.

  • Anonymous says:

    you should try the mushroom soup, or just mushroom. Very nice!!! If you are mushroom lover. :)

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