Muachi and Sweet Potato Balls @ Petaling Street

    Petaling Street has always been our favourite place to hang out if we feel semangat to wake up early in the weekend. It feels good nibbing on snacks bought from the stalls here while we were walking around.

    Assorted fruity flavours are available other than the plain version. I still prefer the plain glutinious rice to be covered in sugar and pounded ground nuts. It’s not the best Muachi that I’ve ever had but I will still get it from Muachi PoPo everytime I dropped by. Every single packet is sold at RM 3.

    The sweet potato balls in petaling street is my favourite snack around here. The lady made and fried the sweet potato balls here to keep them fresh. The potato balls are crunchy outside and mushy inside. It is sold in RM 2 for 10 pieces.

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