KampungboyCitygal is One Year Old!

    Happy First Birthday to KampungboyCitygal

    Exactly one year ago, our very first post on Kuala Terengganu steamed keropok lekor was borned……

    Till now, the passion of blogging is still growing strong. I know that I might not have the best writing skills, or the most professional shot, but I believe that our passion shines through our posts and pictures.

    The past one year was a truly gastronimical journey that cannot be verbally described. We picked up on new eateries around or new terms on food (julianne? al-fresco? al-dente? mumbo jumbo names of cheese? aphrodasiac oyster?) from other bloggers. It made us a little gurus among our friends for dining/cooking guide.

    Thanks to you, foodies and readers who keep us going all the time. We promised to do our best in searching high (for gourmet treat) and low (for alley specialties) just to feast your eyes. We ha d updated the side bars, hope that it works as a little dining guide or recipe search for you guys πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year and hope that you guys can enjoy yourselves tremendously tonight.


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