Eat Drink Hong Kong Part 2

    Hui Lao Shan ???

    With a deceiving appearence with resembles some Chinese medicine place like Gong WohTong (for kwai ling kou), Hui Lao Shan is a heaven! Actually Hui Lao Shan started as a Kwai Ling Kou place in 1960s’ but eventually they evolved into a mango specialty place.

    Offering a variety of fruit smoothies, sago, grass jelly, and ice cream treats all based around mangoes and fresh fruit, hui lao shan does desserts right in the healthy way. All their mangos were imported from Phillipine in a weekly basis.

    By the time I reached there, it was already mid night and hence the famous mango pudding and lor mai chi is SOLD OUT. Gasped* I could not believe that! We have to settle with the fruit smoothies and mango tong yuen. Im so glad that these were equally good, they are really good in doing all kind of mango desserts.

    Are we going to have a franchise over here in Malaysia?? Someone rich please do so for the happiness goodness and well being of us!

    Hong Kong Dim Sum

    These are the sulkiest ever dim sum that I’ve ever tried. The portions are big, but what’s the meaning of having dim sum when the name itself suggests that its something small and delicate.

    This make me miss and feel proud of Foh San dim sum even more.


    Something that you cant missed out in Mcdonald’s HK – toasted rice burgers. It came with a choice of either chicken or beef sandwiched between rice buns. I prefer the beef fillet than the chicken burger patty which tastes like our very own Foldover. With a fresh taste, its one of the best-sellers as it seems like everyone is holding one. The banana pie is equally good too. It used to appear in Msia Mcd for a limited time.


    • Honey Star says:

      ooooooohhhh, the toasted rice burger reminded me the one i had in thailand last time…very nice… rice n pork but burger style. slurp 😀

      Oh my gosh, those mango tong yun looks so sedap!

    • boo_licious says:

      Yum! Food in HK is always good. Did u also get bad service? I always remember the sullen faces of the waiters in HK.

    • Jackson says:

      wow! HK food da best!!!! I heard of the Hui Lao San and finally i got to know more about it!!! Pls la citygal, blog more about HK food!!! Can’t wait to see that. 😛

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      honey star : yeah they have it in bangkok but not msia!!! 🙁

      boo: the vendors all have sullen i prefer to buy stuff from shops

      jackson: u msut reli try it ya!!

    • Kit Lam says:

      Yummy.. I had tried it when i was in HK. More a like our M’sia KTK but the place in HK too small and it make me cant really enjoy the food.. For Burgers, i would highly recommended FRESHNESS BURGER in Causeway Bay (i remember that building is next to Parklane Hotel).

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