Eat Drink GuangZhou

    Guangzhou cuisine is one of the greatest pleasure that one has. According to my tour guide, any creature flying in the sky, crawling on the around, swimming in water can find a way on to menu to become a dish unforgettable to a gourmet.

    To my greatest surprise (or horror), I spotted some stalls selling dog meat. Whilst some countries in Asia such as Hong Kong, the Philippines and Taiwan have banned the practice of dog eating, evidence shows that in China, the biggest dog eating country in the world, it continues to thrive. Sorry, I’m against this so no pictures will be posted up, not even having a bite of it.

    Too bad we stopped by Pan Yu, Guangzhou for only one day. The local food of panyu is made from ginger juice with fresh buffalo milk.

    First, the girl squashed the juice out of the shredded ginger and pour it on the base of a bowl. The buffalo milk is cooked at (secret) degree celcius before they constantly pouring the milk (just like teh tarik). Once the milk is poured into the bowl with ginger juice, the transition from liquid to solid happens in a blink of eye.

    Gosh, the ginger milk curd tastes better than any of the char chan teng or tong sui shop here. Maybe buffalo milk and water from Shawan is used. The people here believed that their water has the right level of Ph making the ginger milk curd extra smooth. The ginger milk flavour Tiong Tiong Candies are available too.

    Simple and satisfying, chestnut ice cream is the contribution to my pleasures. The ice cream I describe here tastes of pure chestnut and the sweetness is not too empowering. Are we having this in Malaysia???

    While for China’s Mcd, the menu varies slightly to ours (not to mentioned pork burgers). I tried the cod fish burger which is nothing different from our Fillet O Fish and green bean pie that is so good!


    • Anonymous says:

      wow chestnut ice cream sounds good.. but i don’t think that we have it over here 🙁

    • Jackson says:

      wow……. i wanna try the ginger milk curd!!!! I love ginger so much especially in hot dessert!! and da ice -cream….drooling….and da green bean pie….arrr…u r killing me ler…i wan to go to Guang Zhou!

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      meiyen: Yea was so nice

      jackson: yeah guangzhou is a paradise of food..u must go to the “lian xiang lou” they started the moon cake few hundred yr back

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