21st Birthday Bash @ Iguana Bar Part II

    The December babies taking a sip of Flaming Lamborghini. It’s actually a mixture of Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Sambuca and Blue Curacao. The combination sounds strange but actually it’s a pleasant drinking experience.

    Tequila Pop moment anyone?

    Game Time: From top left: Zongz and Victor attempting lowered pole, Suyen is the queen of limbo dance, tequila shot moment for the couples (Chialing + Julian, Suyen’s parents).

    June and Kalai in matching outfit, Brian and Sher looking good, June and Waikit, Julian and bday girl Chialing.
    The Iguana Man – Eng Hong

    Citygal and her best buddy Ching Yee

    The engineering trio – Chin Kuang, Mei Kuan, Kenny

    Chin Kuang and Hup Lim in gay spirit!

    Preview of Julian and Victor ……3o years from now

    Yichang and Wailin

    Rome who came all the way + Suyen

    Lucky Victor, all the guys are envious on you!

    Hearthrob Tek Yi grooved on some rockin’s tunes

    Suyen’s family in their 70’s outfit

    Pictures courtesy of Citygal, Brian, Victor Ong, Lee Ping, Yichang


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