Pig Out Day @ Restoran Meaty House Taipan Triangle

    Sorry to my Muslim readers as the following post will be completely non halal. The Meaty House as its name suggests, their menu made out of pork dishes mostly, from Western like German knuckle to Oriental’s bak- kut-teh, they have it all.

    The chain of restaurant is established by couple Willy and Nina Wong. Quality is ensured with ISO 9001 as they also own their own pig rearing business in Malacca. Their business ranges from rearing and meat processing to wholesale and retailing.

    Their house specialty – German pork knuckle which the manager Simon claimed it as the best in town and texas baby ribs (it seems like ribs are getting a lot of attention now with some specialty place like Checkers (Pasankia), Riblees (Pasan Kia), The Rib Shop and the new opening of Tony Roma’s at sunway pyramid)

    You can get your daily dose of oink oink meat here. They have assorted of sausages, bacons, pork ribs and pork collar.

    Simon kept on persuading us to try the Pork Knuckles, but we are not brave enough at the moment. Our greatest phobia is something gelatinous and oily, hmmmm just like pork knuckles or fat belly. (ewww you get the picture?)

    Ice Lemon Tea – The colour looks gross because they blended the whole lemon, flesh and skin all into the blender. It’s kinda refreshing tough, good to wash away all the fats going in later.

    Not an ordinary mushroom soup – It tastes porky which is very much to our liking! Simon told us that they mixed the cream of mushroom into a clear pork rib broth. I’d never tasted something like that before, at least its a new taste for me.

    Honey roasted pork collar with coleslaw, pickled carrots and pineapples. The side dish are too sourish that we left it aside.

    Look at the pinkish porky! The fats and lean meat are distributed evenly resulting in a chewy and delicate texture. It has a sweet and rich flavour and unbelievable juiciness. Something that is highly recommended by Kgboy.

    Vienna foot long sausages with bacons – Nothing to shout about, at least the sauce is nice and goes well with the sausage and bacons.

    Meaty House is slightly on a cheaper side, the pork knuckle costs less than rm 30 and their weekday set menu ranges from rm 15 to rm 20 inclusive of a choice of barley or ice lemon tea, cream of mushroom, 3 side dishes and the main course.

    37, Jalan USJ 10/1D, Taipan Triangle, Subang UEP, Selangor
    03-5633 5634
    Open from noon to 3pm and 6pm to 10pm
    Non Halal


    • Jackson says:

      i think i pass by this shop before and never know that they served such a good food as u mention. hhmm…should try it out next time.

    • boo_licious says:

      The Dsara Uptown one closed down before I could go try it – so sad! Looks good.

    • Anonymous says:

      i’ve tried it once, for me their food is not impressive at all, even their chef recommended pork knuckle is not good.

    • Anonymous says:

      I went to this shop 5-8 times alrdy and the best sauce i should suggest is black pepper. That the nice black pepper as i try in others place else…Black Pepper CHicken Chop

    • Anonymous says:

      Must be totally pigged out heheh.. And the food definitely looked very delicious!

    • Anonymous says:

      I been to this USJ branch once in few years back, we ordered pork knuckle and sausage. I was disappointed especially the pork knuckle… the taste was too plain.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very Nice photo, look so delicious!!

    • KampungboyCitygal says:

      jackson: hmmm not all are great..ask for the manager’s recommendation ya

      boo: theres another 2 outlets in taipan n sg besi

      tekko: hahaha im not too picky on food..

      anonymous: reli? we had chosen the mushroom sauce..aiyah

      vic: bring wailin along ya

      whistler: i haven try the pork knuckles le

      ho jiak: thanks ~! 🙂

    • babe_kl says:

      funny of the bad knuckles cos the one i tried was yummy!

    • sailorsim says:

      had a horrible experience here yesterday (Valentine’s Day). the only reason i ended up at this place was because Logan House across the road was full house.

      MANAGER came to take our orders. He was so rude i wonder how they even stay in business. Thought at first he was a disgrunted worker!

      We complained to a better tempered man behind the counter thinking he was the boss, but had a shock when he said the rude man was the manager there!! imagine, your underlings are better behaved than you! what a disgrace!

      Food is nothing nice, IMHO but that may be due to the poor service.

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