Eat Drink Hong Kong Part 1

    Sorry for the lack of update for the pass few days as Citygal took a break to Hong Kong and China with her family. Everyone knows that Hong Kong is a gourmet paradise renowned for its exotic fusion of Eastern and Western flavours along with a wide variety of culinary delights.

    Street Food

    When it comes to hawker food, theres’s a wide variety to be chosen from. Hygenic is not a problem as the high levels of heat required for wok cooking ensures that any bacteria are killed.Most of these stalls do not provide seating but some do. With those few which provide seating, very often you will also find noodles available.

    We tried the authenthic HK stinky tofu which is fermented tofu deep-fried. Trust me, the smell is horrendous but it tastes good! Crispy outside and soft inside without the smell lingers in your mouth.

    Curry fishball is something common in Malaysia but HK’s version is slightly different. The fishball is left boiling with the curry broth for hours to absorb all the goodness of the broth. These are too spicy for my tastebuds but its exciting to have the spicy fishball bouncing in your mouth.

    You need a lot of courage for these – deep fried pig’s intestines and stew cow’s tripe. It may not be mouth watering to you but it’s part of HK’s street food that you can’t miss out! A special mentioned to the gristle balls, shredded gingers are added into the meat with gristle to be chop or minced nicely before it was form into ball shape.

    Char Chan Teng

    Char chan teng has created a coffee culture in Hong Kong when people here equated that to yin yang (coffee and tea mixed together) with nai jeung do (toast with condensed milk and peanut butter) or gong jai meen (instant noodles). They serves an extensive range of food in set (A chan B chan C chan) or ala-carte.

    The portions are too big for us, like A chan comes with a toast with egg and ham, instant noodles with satay pork, a cream of mushroom and a Yin Yong. Gosh, we have to share that among ourselves but some Hongkies are enjoying their food plates by plates.

    Shanghai Food

    Shanghai food is not popularised around the world. I can spot la mien and xiao long bao specialty shop everywhere around HK. Xiao Long Bao is one of my favourite dish. Unlike the buns in northern China, these buns are very small and easy to swallow. The buns are usually steamed in containers made of banboo. The skin of the buns are very thin and the bun is very juicy.

    Frankly speaking, I still prefer la miens and xiao long bao from crystal jade. Wonder why these shops are crowded all the time?


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