Restoran Yau Kee @ Kampar Perak

    What this quiet little town 45 min away from Ipoh has to offer? Friendly folks, bustles of motorcycles in the day time, TAR college, claypot rice, Gai Zai Beng (some sweet and savoury crispy cookies) and curry chicken bun from Yau Kee!

    Liang is posing with the paper board man, owner Mr Yau. Beggar’s Bread from Hong Kong actually inspired him with the idea of coming out with stuffed curry bread in 1986. A v

    Note: Legend has it that during the Qing dynasty, at the foot of Yusan Mountain in Changshu, a beggar caught a chicken but had nothing to cook the bird. He packed the chicken using lotus leaves, sealed the chicken with mud, and then baked it in a furnace he constructed. After the beggar had removed the mud when the chicken was cooked, the fragrant was distinct. News travelled. The method of cooking soon spread all over China.

    Information extracted from sun2surf.

    Theres even a clearly drawn map to be referred.

    It’s packed in box so that patrons can bring it back home for friends or relatives. It’s really a hot selling item as they sell over 100 boxes per day. The bread is sold at rm39 for big one and rm 22 for small one.

    The curry chicken is wrapped beneath a layer of plastic and grease proof paper. The golden brown bread texture is soft and fluffy and combines well with the curry broth. No curry chicken buns in KL can beat this.

    Their herbal chicken bread tastes good as well. The aroma of herbal will make anyone drools!

    Treat those buns as starters and indulge in their famous ‘dai chao’ later on.

    These guys are the real eater, after 4 rounds of breakfast, followed by lunch and tea, they can still eat like nobody’s business. Salute em’

    Make a stop here on the way to Ipoh or way down to KL, its definitely worth while!

    Yau Kee Restaurant, 55 Jalan Idris, Kampar. Tel. 05-465-1738.


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