My First Wantan Production

Congrats to Wje Jon from Wantan Production and ST for their marriage! I’m wishing the newly weds the life of love and togetherness. Coincidently, as i ran through my old pictures, I found some home cooked wantan pictures.Ya, they look awful because this is my first time of making a wantan from scratch. Hmmm not really from scatch, as I bought ready made wantan skin instead of beating the eggs, flattening the dough and everything.

What I meant by from scatch is I cook the broth, marinate the minced pork and wrap the wantans myself. A great achievement for me indeed~!

I intended to use some shredded carrots and water chesnuts for some textures but we are just to lazy to drive out and buy some. So I use dried scallops for their superior taste and texture. Drop two or three to the broth can give the soup some ocean fresh aroma too.

It’s just a simple meal with some organic grains to go with the broth and wantans. Of course, some cili padis and soy sauce perfected the meal.

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  • Kampungboy says:

    The wantan taste good.. Nampak tak cantik tapi makan sedap… 😀 For the organic grains…… lo 😀

  • wyejon says:

    thanks for the plug :) got a lot of hits originating from this post today.

  • KampungboyCitygal says:

    Wyejon: am happy for u :))..share the good news around~!!

  • toniXe says:


    Nice blog, nice ladies photos !

    Since you love wantans ( I presume ) wonder if you have tried the flat version ? with just a tiny weeny bit of meat ?

    Its found in Kampong Koh ( not Boy ). Try it if you haven’t, it will change your entire perception (maybe another love affair, sorry kpg boy ) of onetons !

    bcoz it only weighs a gm (or 2)!

    cheers !

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