Ming Court Dim Sum

    Ipoh is famous for Hong Kong style Dim Sum and usually tourists will opt for the famous Foh San. But personally i think that Ming Court Dim Sum is the best Dim Sum in Ipoh. Maybe its because of my childhood memory. Every Sunday, Dad would take us to Yum Cha and we went to Ming Court quite frequently.Please dun get me wrong, as there’s no Ming Court Hotel in Ipoh, it’s simply MING COURT HK DIM SUM. Do take note that they are closed on Thursday.

    Again, each dim sum place has their own specialty, as mentioned in my previous post, Foh San is famous for their egg tarts, char siu bao, glutinious rice with chicken and Har Gao. Ming Court ‘s specialty would be Yu Mai (fish ball in elongated shape), taro puff and Guai Fei Bao (Bao with lotus paste and egg yolk).

    So plan your makan schedule now so that you can eat the best stuff of both place, ie 730 am Foh San and head to Ming Court at 8.30 am. Who can get enough of good dim sums???


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