Fun Facts : Kopi Luwak – The most expensive coffee in the world

    Since the Fun Facts on Bakuteh spurs the ‘readership’ of my blog, I’d decided to have a FUN FACTS posting every months until I ran out of interesting facts.

    What comes into your mind when I say premium coffee? Jamaican Blue Mountain? Kona? Tanzanian Peaberry? I believe that most of you knew that it was Kopi Luwak who conquers the hearts of many coffee lovers.
    Kopi Luwak comes from the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. On these Indonesian islands, there’s a tree-dwelling animal that climb among the coffee trees eating only the ripest, reddest coffee cherries. The local natives gather up the limited amount of the Luwak processed parchment coffee, remove the parchment shell, and ultimately ship it to the coffee broker.
    The enzymes in the animals’ stomachs, though, appear to add something unique to the coffee’s flavor through fermentation attribute to the unusual flavors to the natural fermentation the coffee beans undergo in luwak’s digestive system. The stomach acids and enzymes are very different from fermenting beans in water.



    What about the taste? Complex with bitter and caramel taste, heavy body, smells musty.

    The price? Kopi Luwak sells for $75 per quarter pound for it rareness (total annual crop Mark Mountanos and Cafe Liegeois. Kopi Luwak is sold in capsules to prevent the loss of its aroma and the brewing process is stricly controlled – water temperature 96? and water pressure of 9-10atm.

    Any brave at heart who would like to like to try this rare coffee that was collected from the droppings of a wild animal? I’m one of these people but apparently it’s not available in Malaysia (as I know) and one can order it online. If you do know of any places that sell Kopi Luwak, drop me a comment. I would be more excited than kissing Orlando Bloom!

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