Portuguese Grill Fish @ Oasis Food Court Mid Valley Megamall

    We’d heard about this particular stall for quite a time. S0 when we were scratching our head on what’s for lunch, Portuguese Grill Fish popped up in my head.

    It’s located inside Oasis Food Court which we choose to avoid usually. The smell will retain on our hair and clothing after some dining inside this place. Haha but for the sake of nice grill fish, we wouldn’t mind.

    You can choose from a wide array of seafood, e.g. sting ray, squid, prawns and clams. It comes with a plate of white rice to tone down the spiciness.

    Verdict: We’re Loving It! The spicy sauce is always the essence of a plate of nice grill seafood and it’s delicious! Do drop by this place the next time you are at mid valley (If the strong smell doesn’t pull you back)

    There’s another famous portuguese grilled fish stall at Petaling Street but we’d never been there ourselves. Refer to eatin out’s and wantan production’s review.


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